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murakami's norwegian wood.

if youre a fan of haruki murakami like i am, you will very much appreciate this. my friend austin shin gave me the book norwegian wood for my birthday and i havent stopped reading it. (1. my birthdays in may. 2. im a very slow reader) and so to find out that a film will be coming out based on the book was very exciting for me. rinko kikuchi (brothers bloom, babel) will be playing naoko and ken'ichi matsuyama (nana, death note) will be playing toru watanabe. it is unknown at this point when the film will be released in the u.s. but im sure by 2011 it should be available via dvd or internet. but check out the trailer. there are no subtitles but i think its safe to say that the mood created in the trailer translates more than subtitles can ever say.

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Anonymous at: September 23, 2010 at 9:51 PM said...

dude i'm SOOOO excited for this.

except tbh, i don't think rinko kikuchi seems like a good match for naoko. i never imagined naoko to be like her...

what did you think?

oh yea this is robbin, i didn't want to sign in and i forgot my blogspot password haha

- Robbin

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