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scott pilgrim vs. the world (2010)

scott pilgrim vs. the world opens exactly how a film should. instead of dullng and distracting our adhd mind by displaying different kinds of animation through the opening credit, it presents the crew front and center while psychedelic swirls are pressed against out eyeballs, already giving a preview of what kind of insanity we're all in for. and boy, were we left satisfied. even if i tried to imagine what great epicness the film was going to present, it did not compare or even parallel to what was experienced.

scott pilgrim is a slacker, a hero, and a bassist for his band 'the sex bom-omb" and basically everything you wouldnt want in a boyfriend. but behold, he falls madly in love with ramona flowers (played wonderfully by mary elizabeth winstead), but must defeat her 7 evil ex-boyfriends.

it is every comic-loving geek's fantasy. it has everything anyone could ever possibly want--hyper-active action. super hot complicated girls. japanese twins with slick gelled hair, nostalgically awesome sound effects from the 90's. it honestly doesnt get better than that. if you havent seen it yet, youre definitely missing out. and if you havent checked out the comic book, scott pilgrim by bryan lee o'malley, youre DEEEEEFINITELY missing out. there is only 6 volumes compared to those japanese manga that has 20+! A

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