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Catfish (2010)

the internet not only has become a source of information but a pool of mass communication and networking. so what happens when nev schulman, a new york photographer befriends abby pierce, an eight-year old art prodigy from rural michigan? surprisingly, unlike most online-based relationships, the innocent exchange goes past the facebook friend request. the relationship continuously grows as he befriends her mother, angela, angela's husband, and her hot older sister, meagan, the songwriter. nev's brother ariel and friend henry joost was just in the mist of everything when started to document where this odd relationship would lead.

it quickly unravels so i cannot tell you much more than what can be speculated by the trailer. as the suspicions and notions build up, the reveal is quite anti-climactic. but by no means, should you not be tuned in to the real tragic story behind it all. the vastness of the cyberspace world has built a new-age wave of online relationships that now allows such voluminous room for imagination that no other medium has been able to provide till now. A

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