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daft punk in tron

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i almost barfed from the epicness of it all!

firstshowing.net: There's a lot going on in Tron world at the moment, as Disney is kicking off its enormous marketing push for the last few months leading up to its opening. First, they've debuted the first photo of Daft Punk inside the world of Tron Legacy, as seen below. That reveal comes with a new sampler of their track "The Game Has Changed" from the soundtrack which can be heard on the official Facebook. There's also a partially revealed poster for Daft Punk'd Tron on the soundtrack website, but we'll post the entire thing once it's unveiled. Oh and lastly, you can reserve tickets for Tron Night now if you haven't already. Hope you're all getting excited!

go listen to it!! i just got mad chills.. apparently theyre having tron night on october 28 where they show 20+ minutes sneak peek of tron! so reserve your tickets if you simply cannot wait for the film to come out on dec 17!

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