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old boy revived?

in my previous post i stated that speilberg's plan to remake park chan-wook was mostly likely a dead project. but right when i thought it was too good to be true, first-showing releases an articles saying that theyre going to revive it by possibly bringing it back to spielberg or to matthew vaughn (kick-ass) or danny boyle (127 hours). i spoke too soon.

firstshowing.net says: Since Spielberg is already committed to Robopocalypse as his next feature following completion of his adaptation of War Horse, it's unlikely that he sit in the director's chair. Meanwhile, Matthew Vaughn hasn't lined up a project to follow his current work on X-Men: First Class and Danny Boyle hasn't yet lined up a follow-up project for his recently released 127 Hours. While many fans are certainly opposed to the remake, a new adaptation of the original graphic novel in the hands of the guy who directed Kick-Ass, or a talented director like Boyle sounds fairly enticing. Of course, it's not even a guarantee that this project well ever get off the ground

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