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A Warrior's Way: Q&A


there was a special Q&A with the crew of 'A Warrior's Way' tonight at Los Angeles' Landmark theater. the event was very exclusive and least to say very personal. They showed bits and clips of the film and discussed how it began, formed and eventually developed into the big blockbuster film. Korea's very own Jang Dong Gun came out to speak with us about his thoughts on the film and the workings behind it. Jang Dong Gun exploded into the scene after 2001's Friend and eventually to 2004's TaeGukGi. Danny Huston of Children of Men (2006), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and Robin Hood (2010) also spoke with us about his villianous role as 'The Colonel." check it out. (click on the video for some translations.) the film comes out DEC 3!!!

p.s. there is another Q&A tomorrow night (thursday, november 18) Landmark Theater in LA. there is also a mini after-party where you can get more close and personal with the crew.

i had a chance to talk to the first time director, sngmoo lee and how he began this project. unlike most directors who have directed numerous films before their first big blockbuster film, sngmoo lee worked strenuously on his first film 'a warrior's way' for 11 years before making his first debut as a director! we just chit chatted some small talk and i ecstatically walked away without asking him if he had any advice for me. haha, but nonetheless, it is clear that his career is just about to start with the release of 'a warrior's way' on dec 3!!!! HWAITING!!

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