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zac efron to play lead in Akira remake?

fuck no. as most cinephiles would say, we really do hate remakes. unless you can tastefully remake it with ones own auteur characteristics and as a homage to the original, DONT FUCK WITH IT. my heart dropped when i heard that steven spielberg and will smith were hooking up to remake Park Chan-wook's Old Boy. (hopefully its dead) the only person that actually made a decent american rendition of a foreign classic was scorsese with the departed. (watch hong kong's version called Internal Affairs!)

but what is this shit? not only Akira planning on being remade but with Zac Efron? and what? the hughes brothers are directing as a two-part adaptation? the hughes brothers previous films were less than memorable and didnt make themselves a "prime" director duo till 2010's book of eli. and even with its blockbuster status and budget, they failed horribly in telling their story worthy of watching.

the guardian says: He is the blue-eyed star of the High School Musical series and dream date for teenage girls across the globe. It is a classic cult Japanese anime and manga comic which maintains a heady reputation among fans of the genres more than 20 years after its initial release. Now, according to reports in the blogosphere, the terms Zac Efron and Akira may become forever connected after the actor was touted to star in a planned Hollywood remake.

read the rest here while i go and choke myself...

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