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5:38 minutes of bliss

kees van dijkhuizen is backk!!! i went searching for his cinema 2010 after witnessing the epicness of his cinema 2009 (click to see). and i must say, i was expecting a looooooooot. but i guess i should blame the lack of good films that came out this year. like seriously on the top of my head, i can only think of the social network, toy story 3, black swan, as some of the top films of 2010. 2009 definitely had more memorable titles that made the oscar race even more stiff. and even though, ive watched a lot of films this year, i can barely name all the clips in the video. maybe every other clip but thats not good enough for me! i must know them all!!! anyways, enough of this psychoness. watch the video and enjoy. i always love watching kees' work. its touching, seamless, and downright entertaining...!! but not gunna lie, im expecting better films in 2011.. bring it on 2011!!!

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