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top ten films of 2010

mind you that i didnt see the king's speech, the kids are alright, blue valentine, the fighter, another year

1. the social network
2. black swan
3. never let me go
4. inception
5. toy story 3
6. the town
7. 127 hours
8. harry potter and the deathly hallows
9. kick-ass (for funzies)
10. exit through the gift shop

ok im pretty sure that if i saw blue valentine, the king's speech, or another year, it wouldve probably replaced kick-ass but im just going to put it in for my list for the best films in 2010.

i really freaking loved the social network and really hope it wins best picture at the oscars. this is what owen gleiberman of entertainment weekly had to say about the film:

t's been a long time since we saw a movie that's a zingingly scripted, boldly acted, intricately executed thriller for the brain and a brilliant topical riff on what's really happening in America. Jesse Eisenberg, in the finest performance by an actor this year, plays Mark Zuckerberg as a magnetic jerk-hero who invents Facebook not just because he feels like an outsider, but because he has an idea to rewire who we are. Eisenberg speaks Aaron Sorkin's genius-on-every-level dialogue with a speed-of-thought blunt sincerity that has you hanging on every rudely intoxicating word. In the twin lawsuits that frame it, the film sees Zuckerberg as pitiless but, in his misanthropic grand-scheme way, justified. Yet he is left, in the end, alone, and that's hooked to The Social Network's most teasing perception: that a world that turns ''friends'' into asystem may drive us as far apart as it draws us together.

touche owen, touche...

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