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gaaaad, i cant wait for the day when i can actually go to sundance for free! hahha a girl can dream right? well all i can hope is for my film to one day be premiered at sundance. oohhhhh the excitement! and until that day comes, ill keep on updating you on the latest films shown at the infamous park city festival.

Get Low (2009)

aaron schneider's cinematography work includes the films kiss the girls and simon birch. he has won an oscar for best short subject called two soldiers. and now, he is out for make his directorial debut with get low. get low stars robert duvall as felix, a man who threw his own funeral in the 1930s tennessee. it also stars sissy spacek, bill murray, lucas black and many others.

im assuming this will be hilarious just by the absolutely ridiculous premise. this is something i would say and want to do. i just never thought anyone wouldve suggested it and actually have accomplished. hehe.

Howl (2010)

howl is centered on the obscenity trial allen ginsberg faced after the publication of his poem, howl. the poem is considered one of the most important works of the beat generation along with jack kerouac's on the road and william burroughs' naked lunch. the poem was deemed as to be obscene and the poet/publisher was arrested and charged with its publication. on oct 3, 1957, the poem was ruled out as not obscene and howl went on to become one of the most popular poem of the beat generation.

when i was 15/16, i wanted to be part of the beat generation and was encouraged and inspired to read most of jack kerouac's books and others. they rejected the mainstream american values, experimented with drugs and forms of sexuality and had an interest in eastern spirituality. im not saying that i wanted to be drugged up and have sex with every person i met. but, the new wave of freedom and liberation in the us was first inspired and developed by them. if you havent read any of novels of the beat generation, i strongly suggest you do.

howl stars james franco as allen ginsberg and other actors like mary-louise parker, jeff daniels, jon hamm.

Hesher (2010)

i cant find a decent synopsis to this film but to sum it up, hesher is a story about a family struggling to deal with a loss and the anarchist head banger who helps them through it.
this odd and refreshing new mix of my favorite actors have already got my vote to see the film.
joesph gordon-levitt, natalie portman, rainn wilson. i dont think it gets better than that. itll be fun to see the vastly different characters interact with each other. i think the director can explain it to you better than i can..

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my rubbery skin is starting to disintegrate before my eyes
i almost cant put the pieces together from the person you were
little time has gone by but all the memories have started to fade.
our hands were tied together but you kept chewing on the ropes.
we were bound by fate.
but you wanted freedom.
as the days went on, the chewing increased
on november 14, with one last bite, it unraveled all at once
the rubbing of the eyes has only made my skin into sand paper
but thats how the internal side of me feels
rough and rigid
the wigs to my life have been changing and morphing,
hoping that you wont recognize me underneath the bruises that have formed and stained.
the rubbing of the skin has only worsened it.
as i stand in front of myself, the only person i see is a shadow
but im not scared. i accept this.
itll be the closest thing to not being who i was.
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air doll is a 2009 japanese drama directed by hirokazu koreeda. it is based on a manga by yoshiie goda. middle aged hideo lives alone with his inflatable doll he calls nozomi. the doll is his closest companion as he dresses her, talks to her over dinner and even has sexual intercourse with her.

this story seems strangely familar to the 2007 film, lars and the real girls. but unlike lars, nozumi was actually made with a heart. after hideo leave for work everyday, she roams and explores the world outside of her lonely apartment only to discover that people in the city are as hollow and empty as she is. as she glides among the city with the same soulless passengers, she discovers the true meaning of happiness but is ultimately interrupted by a dramatic turn of events.

bae doona is nozumi in air doll. but outside of her flatable world, she is one of korea's finest actresses. she is best known for her role as the protagonist's political activist girlfriend in park chan wook's sympathy for mr. vengeance (2002) and as park nam-ju in the host (2006), which is currently the biggest grossing film in south korean box office history. not only was she able to conquer korean cinema but her transition to japanese films is seamless as clearly shown in the air doll trailer. this south korean model, actress, and photography has managed to keep her feet balanced in both the art cinema and blockbuster world. i cant wait to see what she'll do next!

check out the trailer..!! i hope this comes to america soon..

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ive seen a lot of films lately but i cannot express in detail what was so good or bad about each film. i think i can begin to explain but i certainly dont think i can finish. after an exhausting week of production and work, i cant do anything but stare at the emptiness of the cold air. i cant find the right words to say. but hopefully the stills of each film can tell you more than my short tongue can.

the young victoria (2009)

The Young Victoria is based around the rise to the throne and early reign of queen victoria of the united kingdom and her marriage to prince albert. this martin scorsese produced film radiantly glows with eye popping shots and lighting that will make any cinematographer wooing and oooing with every shot.

i first saw emily blunt in the devil wears prada back as the fiesty and appropriately named, emily. three years later, she takes her jimmy choos off and steps into the couture of the victorian era. she has made the most exquisite leap from the indie drama, sunshine cleaning to the blockbuster, wolfman. with her endless range of acting credentials and vareity, it is no wonder why emily blunt has been nominated for best female actress in the golden globes. even though she did not win, just the fact of being nominated should prove the talent that she possesses. B+

the book of eli (2010)

the book of eli is a hyper stylized post-apocalyptic movie that will certainly quench the thirst of action lovers. the hughes brothers who have done menace II society and from hell is back for more suspense and thrill with the book of eli.

although the film has the always phenomenal denzel washington, gary oldman, and still amateur mila kunis, the film lacks. no doubt are we highly entertained by the badass sword fights and interaction from the two thespian veterans, but the climax or "twist" is not much of a twist. it seems like the hughes bros were torn trying to please both the critics and audience with their swift actions scenes and religious messages. C+

the lovely bones (2009)

alice sebold's 2002 critically acclaimed novel, the lovely bones is about a teenage girl who after she is murdered, looks down upon her family and friends as they go on with their lives. peter jackson who is best known for directing the lord of the rings trilogy set out to capture susie salmon's life and what came after it.

peter jackson's adaptation of the lord of the ring received many praises and awards and it would seem that adapting any novel would be a piece of cake to him by now. we were surely wrong but we were close. a peek into salmon's world between earth and heaven is a magical paradise as we run with her through seas of flowers and rainbow dipped waterfalls. but the audience is easily distracted by her fantasy world whenever the real world's problems start to intervene.

instead of a story of acceptance, the film turns the plot into a revenge story that keeps circling around and around till the audience is dizzy as well as the characters. marky mark commonly known as mark walhberg bring forth his hidden obsessive side to uncover the truth about his daughter's murder. the suspense can be well compared to alfred hitchcock's level of intensity.
and with that level of intensity, some scenes will surely be a hair grabber. dont be surprised to find that you've lost some of your hair after watching the unbearably intense, even penetrating climax scene. the extent of jackson's direction is uncanny but salmon continuously becomes torn in a tug of war game between her past life and future life. B-

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this weekend my production crew and i finished filming my short film, appetite! after almost 48 hours of strenuous work, it is finally completed! we will start editing soon and entering it into film festivals. ill keep you updated. but until then, enjoy!

my amazing crew!!

everyone had to take their shoes off in my asian home..
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no, im not taking about robert redford character in the way we were. im talking about the hubble spacecraft that has provided us a glimpse of the unimaginable and unforeseen universe that has encompassed our planet for so many years. as a viewer we've been taken to basically all over the whole through planet earth's stellar documentary about the far ends and the depths of the earth. and as i have consistently admired our mother earth, ive always wonder about the world beyond itself. naturally it would be incredibly hard to capture the universe we live in considering that it would be almost impossible to film everything without the camera completely dying from the atmospheric pressure. but anyways, check this trailer out HERE!!! i cant upload it yet cause its not on youtube. but its EPIC!!

i love anything space-y! therefore, ive been visiting apod every morning for the past few years now. and here are my most favorite photographs from them!

( sorry the photographs are so small. its either this or its gigantically huge to the point where you will have the scroll up down side to side just to see one star)
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tom ford's adaptation of christopher isherwood's book of the same name was single handedly one of the most beautiful thing ive ever seen on screen. along with avatar, a single man was an experience only fit for the big screen and no where else. it moved me in ways i didnt think i could be swayed. it was due to every shot, every note, and every actor that made this film one of the best visual masterpieces to come out in 2009. the music had a major role in persuading the audience to wholly feel colin firth's agonizing soul and it was done with such perfection that i HAD to have the soundtrack. after visiting multiple music stores, i was left with nothing but amazon.com. but nonetheless, its a film that is unforgettable. dont wait till it comes out on dvd, one cannot fully understand and feel the emotions through a dinky tv screen. go watch it!!

outside of the world of film, tom ford is known as the renowned fashion designer of his own label and the former creative director of gucci. but before tom ford was tom ford, he dipped his feet in a billion other things. he left his santa fe preparatory school in new mexico at the age of 17 and moved to new york city. he was studying art history at nyu when only after a year, he decided to drop out. he pursued an acting career, appearing in several commercials simultaneously. then went to the new school to study interior architecture. before his last year, he spent 6 months interning for chloe which triggered his love for fashion. thereafter, he studied fashion but graduated with an architecture degree. whhhhew, that was a lot! it is no wonder tom ford wanted to be a director!

i particularly dont like actors or just random people who think they can direct to take on a project like they know aaannnnnything about filmmaking. but tom ford is another story. i dont think he wouldve approached it even with his ambitious vigor if he didnt think he could do a decent job at it. nevertheless, with the right crew (including the set designers of mad men), he achieved a new outlook to filmmaking. with the help of cinematographer eduard grau, he adapted such a emotional story about one man's true love and tragic loss. and while other trailers are deceiving *ahem dr. parassus ahem* every pint of anticipation and beauty evoked from the trailer is exactly what you will experience while watching it. dont miss out! A
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how could the director of monty python and the holy grail, brazil, twelve monkeys, fear and loathing in las vegas, make such a junk of a film? the initial look of the trailer seemed solid that it was going to be at least decently spectacular! and i know as a huge fan, i expected a lot! yeah yeah yeah, what did i say about expectations last time? yeah fail.

i was hugely disappointed with dr. parnassus. the shots, editing, and story was just not as up to par as it shouldve been. i know the death of heath ledger was probably the primary reason of this combobulated and twisted mess. but it just felt like everyone a part of the project just gave up. the story was very interesting and it really did have a lot of potential. but EVERYTHING was lacking. i usually LOVE every film i come across cause i naturally expect to watch good films (god, i sound like a self-appreciating prude). but god, this was not what i ordered. after watching the trailer again, the highlighted plot lines are all lined up but the way it was executed was too messy to consume. if they had just followed and stayed true to the trailer, everything wouldve been alright! i dont hate the film or anything but sometimes i wish i could just stick a finger in my mouth and just let it all hang out. blaahh...

nonetheless, i wouldnt want to dissuade you from watching this considering the only thing i truly loved about this film was the actors. it is mostly likely labeled as a heath ledger tribute and it shouldnt be discouraged because of it. its a glimpse and reminder of the magnificent talent that he possessed. and it also helps that he can share the screen with upcoming new talent like andrew garfield and model lily cole. while the rest of the world knows her as a high-fashion model, she is taking a stab at acting nowadays and surprisingly, succeeds. she truly shines in this film as she shares the screen with the most prestigious actors--christopher plummer, heath ledger, jude law, and johnny depp.

watch it if you will. just dont be surprised when you stumble across potholes half way through the film. C+
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how was new years for everyone?! mine was possibly the best one ive ever had. all i really need is some dancing in my life and ill be good!

and yes!! i finished my 200 films for 2009! honestly, i really did watch more than 200 films this year considering film school and all but if i fell asleep while watching them, i dont count em. but! out of the ones ive managed to stay awake in, this is my top ten films of 2009.

1) moon
2) 500 days of summer
3) the hurt locker (best film of 09! no joke. watch it)
4) district 9
5) an education
6) up!
7) avatar
8) the cove
9) up in the air (it was adventureland before but watched uita again and its better)
10) the road

aaaaaaaaaaand. heres a recap of the two-double-o films that were witnessed in the ginormously epic year of 2009

january 13: revolutionary road

january 24: audition

february 12: little children

february 21: rachel getting married


march 14: metropolis

march 29: tokyo!

april 3: adventureland
april 12: 2046

april 22: earth

may 3: the limits of control

may 8: sin nombre

may 15: rudo y cursi

may 29: up!

june 1: best in show

june 20: sunshine

june 25: moon and 5oo days of summer!!!

june 30: 28 days later

july 8: synecdoche, ny

july 11: the night of the iguana

july 12: bruno!

july 18: harry potter and the half-blood prince and the hurt locker!

august 19: dog day afternoon

august 26: thirst!

september 2: the wild strawberries

september 10: a hard day's night

september 17: if. chungking express. the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie

september 26: whip it!

september 30: belle de jour

oct 4: funny girl

oct 15: a serious man

oct 16: where the wild things are. couples retreat. new york, i love you.

oct 28: repulsion

nov 1: anti-christ

nov 14: an education

nov 22: salo

nov 29: fantastic mr. fox. ninja assassin.

dec 12: paper heart

dec 17: russian ark. julie and julia

dec 18: avatar. whatever works.

dec 22: the cove

dec 28: margot at the wedding

dec 30: tron. ghostbusters!!!

2009 was such a glorious year for film and i doubt ill be able to watch this many films ever again unless i turn into a film critic. but for the start of a new decade, i have new plans and goals! for the most part ill be trying to:

1) make more short films
2) become more worldly and start traveling
3) start cooking and baking
4) read more books!!

its 2010! and judging by the great start, i know this year will be just EPIC! au revoir!
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