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i stated the beginning of the new fall television season that i will be now watching tv. i had been so focused on films for the past few years and with the lack of a television it just got harder and harder to really find time to watch all the shows that i wanted to. with the surge of reality shows, it felt like good storytelling was really hard to come by. with the exception of community and two broke girls, i felt like the only good television worth watching was on cable, esp on amc, hbo, ifc, and what not. after the fall trial period, i stopped tuning into 'the new girl,' 'pan am,' 'the office,' and (gasp!) 'boardwalk empire.' i lost complete interest and some of their ideology was really bothering me (ahem, the new girl...) instead of dragging my feet to see if any of these series would eventually pick up their pace, i dropped them like hot cakes and moved onto popular picks like breaking bad and newcomers, portlandia and enlightened. mad men was always on top of my list but now i finally finished season 4, im dying to see what season 5 has in stores. these are just some of the shows im am currently watching as well as a few films here and there. 

ive heard so many things about breaking bad so finally i gave in and gave it a go. while it is honestly the heaviest series i am currently watching, it is addicting. i always thought shows that this about the sympathetic yet law-breaking civilians were overrated with shows like nurse jackie, dexter,  and weeds,  that have about the same premise was just getting old. while i cant say if breaking bad is much better than the other ones cause i didnt fully watch the other series, this show is shocking, explosive, and empowering. im only on season 2... till next time.

i really wanted to explore the realm of television and what is has to offer so i googled 'best new shows 2011' and portlandia came up. the humor of saturday night live is understood and adored by many, my humor is a little harder to please. this show is entirely about portland, oregon and everything it has to offer. the pros and cons between television and a live show is obvious. but the one thing that a live show cannot offer that digital presentation can is editing. which i think plays a huge part in my ability to laugh. portlandia shows the lives of hipsters but to an extreme. you thought you were a hipster, wait till you get a load of these two (points up.) fred armisen (snl) and carrie brownstein are the stars that embody all the hipsters you hate/love around the world. i just ended season 1. season 2 starts jan. 6, 2012. YYYYES.

laura dern is simply amazing. this show somehow has the ability to drag and yet make you anticipate for the next episode. dern's character, Amy is not easy to love but knowing her, you want to give her some benefit of the doubt that things will pan out in the end. will it? will it not? amy is a walking disaster and everything she touches turns to complete shit. will she be redeemed? get her revenge? be understood? maybe not. we will see season 2 if the underdogs will prevail or be killed. 

need i say more. just look at him... 
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i can say that as a fan of the millenium book series and swedish films that david fincher's version of the girl with the dragon tattoo is definitely worth watching. as for the question to who made the adaptation better, this argument could go on for years and years. although, im going to say that i did like the swedish films better for its representation of lisabeth's feminist ideals that made a stronger stance that roots back to her deeply damaged past. the first time i saw rooney mara as lisabeth, i could not wait to see the film as it showed a revamped image of the lisabeth salander that we all know and love. but with fincher's film, i felt a complex knowing that although this film can potentially change many perspective of women roles in society, he stylized and sexified everyone and everything to the point that he wanted to please the audience. rooney mara is certainly badass but as a victim of rape and suppression from society, how is it that she is so effortlessly fashionable? unlike the swedish films, why is she completely shaven from the shoulder and below? after all her troubles and struggles, should the audience still think about how fucking sexy and hot she is as to how we should be on her side to fight the indecent people of this world? people say that fincher's version is an "americanized" version meaning it is inundated with sex and appeal. typical.

the complex continues as to whether david fincher's version of the girl with the dragon tattoo is refreshing or totally uninnovative. he added insane amount of detail that was in the book that wasn't in the swedish films which added an excess amount of time to the film that probably wasn't necessary. but that is what was why it was so thrilling how the audience got an in depth look into the story and how in the end, after all the annoyed and cold looks from lisabeth came a moment that revealed her vulnerable and soft side. but the same details that made the film interesting became an exact page to page translation to screen. it was precisely like the novel that it leaves no room for fincher to make it his own film. there were some events that were alternated but the bigger picture was exactly the same.

regardless, it is a film worth watching and drooling over (i dont think you can resist). i probably should write a review that isn't just me complaining about the film if im recommending people to watch it. the bottom line is that the swedish films were able to capture the troubled life of lisabeth that can potentially change the views of suppressed and violated women of the world. where as the american version just glorifies the character and story to be viewed simply as just a movie.
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I seriously had not anticipated seeing the trailer for the dark knight rises till next year, let alone before sherlock holmes: a game of shadows. i was completely thrown off and didn't even have a chance to prepare myself. what i experienced was sheer ecstasy/terror. i cannot believe the third film has already arrived. i know christopher nolan has something up his sleeve to end this trilogy with a fucking bang. it seems quite impossible to top the last batman film as it has scarred everyone for life or shall i say, heath ledger has scarred everyone for life. after that i thought nolan wouldnt dare make another batman film but regardless, im thrilled he did. with such an A-list cast like this one, this will surely be the most anticipated film of the summer! the dark knight rises comes out july 20, 2012. 
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ive seen a lot of mashup videos of the films of 2011 but this one by far is the best one. not only does it encompass and transports you through space and time but it has everything from blockbusters like Sucker Punch (blah) to indies' Hesher to foreign gems like I Saw the Devil. It's fucking awesome. i thoroughly enjoyed this above everyone else's. watch and enjoy.
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Once the new posters for MIB3 hit theaters, i automatically knew i HAD to see this next summer! alex billington from firstshowing.net (myfav) said "we've heard this sequel has gone through a lot of production problems and it shows, this looks a bit rough, almost made-for-TV." after reading that i had to give it a go and it has this tv gleam which makes it really campy. It is certainly shot in HD but the overall look has a tv-feel. i hope you know what im talking about after viewing the trailer so i dont sound absolutely crazy.

MIB3 is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, the same director of the first two and somehow, this one just doesn't seem to match up to its predecessors. It is quite a surprise to see this Josh Brolin is the younger version of Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). It also stars Emma Thompson, Alice Eve, Bill Hader, and Michael Stuhlbarg. It comes out May 25th 2012!
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i wait for this video to come out every damn year. and as the years progress, im continually amazed how many great films comes out year after year. wow, i was so repetitive. but it is much needed repetition. i will be gathering my top ten films of 2011 list soon but for right now, check out this video. i dont know if its the same editor of the ones ive posted preceding years but nonetheless, its a great fucking video. all hail films, i cant wait for you 2012!

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My Week with Marilyn (2011) is a British drama film directed by Simon Curis starring Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh, Eddie Redmayne, Julie Dench, and Emma Watson. The film is based on two books by Colin Clark which tells of his first job as an assistant director on the film The Prince and the Showgirl (1957) starring Marilyn Monroe and his alleged love affair with the most famous actress in world.

Newcomer actor and model Eddie Redmayne plays a young Colin Clark who pursues his dreams of working in the film business by becoming an assistant director to the infamous actor/director Laurence Olivier (Branagh). While on set of Olivier's next film with Monroe (Williams) called The Prince and the Showgirl, Clark naturally falls in love with Monroe's intoxicating allure and spends a relentless week and warily enters the dangerous realm of Marilyn Monroe behind Marilyn Monroe. With caution signs from all directions, Clark insistently indulges in the spiraling persona of Monroe as she reveals an increasingly dependent, unreliable, pill-popping, detached child of the world. I felt conflicted knowing that Williams was playing Monroe but as I was watching Monroe i was consistently reminded that it was Williams as Monroe. Regardless, Williams was able to capture the heartbreaking portrait of the consumed and ethereal Marilyn Monroe down to her signature mole. It will be no surprise if Williams gets an Oscar nom for Best Actress this upcoming Academy Awards. As the audience gets a glimpse of the tragic person behind Monroe, like people say when she is Monroe, it is impossible to look at anyone else in the room. she drugs and intoxicates you throughout the entire film whether she is the one incoherent or sober. Williams delivers again and again, down to the slightest discontent grin or blank gesture capturing the excruciating turmoil behind the most famous actress in the world. B-

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The 8 minute trailer for the girl with the dragon tattoo was not released to the public till last week and im kind of late but those of you who havent seen it. here it is. without spoiling much, the trailer gives a very detailed intro of what to expect this upcoming dec 21st. i was basically crying every second throughout these glorious 8 minutes..

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OOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMGGG!!! i wanted to see what the hype was about so i started to read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins about two months ago and god, im hooked! i dont want to say its the new harry potter but it beats the twilight series by a trillion degrees and its a series worth reading/watching! ive been waiting for the trailer and after watching it i seriously cannot wait for it! like harry potter, the writing and story is thoroughly addictive and contagious. the individual character's personality and story hooks you and leaves you salivating for more. and eventually rooting for them till their dying breath. The Hunger Games comes out March 23, 2012!

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At the San Diego Asian Film Festival there was back-to-back shorts showcase of Bong Joon Ho's Influenza and Park Chan Wook's Night Fishing.

Night Fishing was entirely shot on the Apple iPhone 4 which means Park has to put in more creativity and possibly effort. Park always blurs the lines with death and reality and once again he mixes the two together. this short film is a eloquent ghost story about fisherman (Oh Kwang-rok) who goes into the depths of the woods for a weekend trip only to capture a dead body in the river. The corpse is played by none other than Lee Jung Hyun (YES, THAT LEE JUNG HYUN) who floats between the dead and living worlds.

The short film leaves a lot for the audiences to piece together this puzzle. but what ensues when the audiences finally gets it is wonderment and a transcendent experience. as a korean american i am a newb to the traditional korean funeral ceremony and watching the odd and peculiar ceremony is intimidating and powerful in its rituals. the picture exudes an eerie, atmospheric, ethereal feeling that seeps into the viewer's soul that allows them to feel the sorrow of the fisherman. its a beautiful short film that was almost unexpected from Park Chan Wook's usual violent blood-baths. in retrospect it is invigorating and surprising but at that moment i almost wanted it to be Park's usual good guy vs. bad guy routine. I always expect the best out of Park Chan-wook and considering that Night Fishing was completely not what i had expected and in that aspect, it can be seen as a masterpiece. He didn't get comfortable and instead surprised his fans by telling a story that was modest and very comedic. Night Fishing transcended beyond his usual filmic traits and our expectations and gave birth to an unprecedented piece of work that juggles the boundaries of life and death. A

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At the San Diego Asian Film Festival there was back-to-back shorts showcase of Bong Joon Ho's Influenza and Park Chan Wook's Night Fishing.

Influenza opens the film by stating that only CCTV's (security cameras) were used to capture the downfall of Mr. Cho and the people around him. with this information in mind, it may convince the audience that every action and consequence was taken place in real life and that these people are actually real. As if the audience was one collective kidnapped victim of Bong Joon Ho, he ties us to our chairs and forces us to witness with our eyes forced wide open the horrific impending act that will unfold within minutes. through Bong's filmic technique and timing, the blurry lines of reality and fiction creates boiling fear within the viewer as they possess the knowledge of the events previously and speculate the reality of these events about to occur.

Without fancy equipment and butt-load of money, Bong was able to create a realistic and concise story of the troubled downfall of Mr. Cho. Switching mediums allowed him to become more creative and have more freedom with his story without jeopardizing his filmic trademarks. even with the differences in equipment the use of the CCTV's one shot told a fascinating story that continuously propelled the development of the character from a homeless bum to a ruthless killer. Bong Joon Ho's short film will leave you petrified, giggling, and paralyzed and with those key descriptions, it is something to definitely check out.

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im probably the last person on earth that should make another blog but i did! and its a more personal one. i love dining out, taking photographs, and generally everything fashion so ill be posting everything i cant here, there! hope you guys enjoy. and check it out here!

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October 19, 2011:

Fallen Angels (1995) - This is "considered" as the sequel to Wong Kar Wai's Chungking Express and i do see the similarities in both theme and characters but I would have to say I liked Chungking Express a bit more. It has same feeling of loneliness and longing but Chungking possessed a different kind of quirkiness that i have to admire. nonetheless, Fallen Angels is a beautifully shot film that should be seen. B+

Mister Lonely (2007) - the ultimate weirdo (or genius?) in hollywood also known as Harmony Korine has come up with the possibly the most odd (ingenious? perhaps) story about the lives of celebrity impersonators. theoretically in film form, the film has no direction and can be just seen as Korine's masturbations of his own thoughts but take back a few steps and it can be seen as possibly the most original and best film to date. a feeling of wonderment will come over you as you ponder if this is the best or the worst thing you've ever seen. B+

October 21, 2011:
The Skin I Live In (2011) - Leave it to Pedro Almovadar to make a more fucked up story than his last film. although i did not like some of the editing in the film, it helped reveal the most unexpected plot of all time. it is so outrageous that you question if what they are implying is actually what happened. it will leave you wondering, fearing, thinking about the entirety of the film for a couple of days. Bad: only few parts of the editing bothered me. A-

October 22, 2011:
Beat Rhymes and Life (2011) - The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest (2011) - Good: It explains the rise and fall of the legendary Hip-Hop group 'A Tribe Called Quest.' as a novice of hip-hop fan, it explained how epic and monumental A Tribe Called Quest's music truly was to the hip hop world. it takes you on a journey from day one to day 3 million of everything from how they got their name to their devastating fall out. they are the 'beatles' of hip hop. watch and learn. A

October 23, 2011:
Ninja Kids!!! (2011) - this was the first film i got to see at the San Diego Asian Film Festival and considering it was a takashi miike (Audition, Ichi the Killer) I HAD TO SEE IT. wow, was i sorely disappointed or just disappointed. he made the live-action version of japanese anime Nintama Rantaro and the film tried to accomplish the wacky, over exaggeratedness of the anime and it just didnt work out right. its like when they tried to remake a live-action version of dragonball z (2009), sometimes its just better to leave anime alone in its original form. D

Hello Ghost (2010) - you can say that this is like the american film ghost town (2008) starring Ricky Gervais and although i did not see that one, im pretty sure this south korean film is better (maybe im biased.) i rarely ever laugh and there were moments when i laughed so loud, it felt like i was the only one laughing. and i SWEAR i wasnt the only one laughing. it has a distinctly 90's look to the film and the korean sentimental tear-jerker aspect that added the cherry on top that completely wrapped this entire film together. B+

The Stool Pigeon (2010) - The Stool Pigeon is a Hong Kong action film directed by Dante Lam that stars the ultimate badass Nicholas Tse. I did not see Lam's previously film called Beast Stalker and apparently The Stool Pigeon is so similar to that it is being deemed as its sequel. While i did not see Beast Stalker, The Stool Pigeon alone was the 3 E's: ENTICING, ENTHRALLING, and an ENTERTAINING piece of work! it kept me on my nail of my toes and even made me scream once or twice from its unexpected plot twists. it is surely something to watch. A-
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October 11, 2011:
The Ides of March (2011) - Good: This is George Clooney's first attempt at directing and lets face it, its only good because he got all friends to help him out. It was interesting but not incredible and memorable enough ( i even forgot i watched it last week. ) It was an all-star cast with a very story about loyalty and betrayal with Ryan Gosling leading the pack. Bad: The story was very minimal and drama-driven. and what i mean by that is that the story isn't relatable and uses fabricated drama to make the story interesting when its just not. B-

October 12, 2011:
I've Loved You So Long (2008) - Good: With a story thats as heartbreaking as this one, it is hard to tell the whole story without it feeling too heavy or slow but manages to create its own mood of mystery and dread. very powerful story that doesnt let you in till the very end. but without saying much it is kristin scott thomas' acting that truly says it all. Bad: twas good. A-

October 14, 2011:
Iron Monkey (1993) - Good: It is the fictionalized story of the childhood of Chinese folk hero Wong Fei-hung and his father Wong Kei-ying and their encounter with the "Iron Monkey." It is like a Robinhood and Batman kind of tale in which the Iron Monkey must fight against evil for the people. It was actually far more entertaining than i initially thought. They had moves that I thought that i didnt think were possible. Bad: nothing. A-
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October 7, 2011:
Tokyo Godfathers (2003) - Good: Critics have called this "the greatest anime ever!" thats a big statement to follow and while it isn't "the greatest anime ever!", the story and characters were interesting enough to watch. A group of homeless Bad: It isn't "the greatest anime ever!" and at times i felt like they relied on coincidences to develop their story. B-

The Housemaid (2010): This is a remake of the 1960's version which is supposedly more outrageous and scandalous, but I havent seen it yet so hopefully i can soon! its a luscious portrait of the downfall and outcome of an affluent family man who fools around with the housemaid. who will win and who will fall? this soap opera is dripping with sex. Beware. Bad: the ending is certainly unexpected! but im not sure if its a good or a bad unexpected move. and i certainly would love to discuss it with anyone who's seen it. B+

October 8, 2011:
Animal House - Good: what else can you expect from an infamous 80's film about a party house? A LOT of booze and A LOT of partying, thats what!!! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! Bad: why did i think that there was anything more to this movie than party animals? C

Dogtooth (2009) - Good: FANTASTIC! MESMERIZING! SPELLBINDING! what could possibly go wrong when the parents of three grown adults withhold the dangers of the outside world from their litto itto babies? umm... EVERYTHING? Bad: absolutely-fucking-nothing. A+
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people always say "this film is a tour-de-force, its unlike any other film out there! it will surprise and amaze you!" blah blah blah all that bullshit. but believe it or not, its hard to make a film nowadays without being and having some influence from other films in one's own work. but let me tell you dont trust me or all the critics in the world when they say that DOGTOOTH is by far the most original and superbly made film to come out in a very long time! this 2011 oscar nominated best foreign film has got everything covered from direction, acting, cinematography, story, everything was perfect!

Dogtooth is a 2009 Greek film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos about a husband and wife who go through extensive lengths to keep their children imprisoned on their property from the corruption and dangers of the real world. (usually when i watch a film, i try not to read or see anything about the film before i actually watch it. so you can understand my puzzlement and surprised when i watched the first few scenes)

Unlike most films today, Dogtooth shows that less really is more. With its simple and yet disturbing story, the direction and cinematography is so noticeably clean and sharp that itll leave you bleeding and wanting more! it'll make you laugh out loud, extremely uncomfortable, and just down right petrified to your balls! like michael haneke's style of directing, its the subtlety with the jab of violence that makes his films so effective in getting its message through. But unlike haneke, Dogtooth doesn't have the gritty and cynical undertone but rather carries the film with a cloud filled with an innocent and pristine touch.

Aggeliki Papoulia who plays the eldest daughter shows a riveting and powerful performance that tore the walls of my expectations for the film (not like i had any.) it is a rare moment when any audience gets to witness a performance that is much like a caterpillar coming out of its cocoon. you watch with amazement and wonderment and fear what will come next. rarely does a film ever make one feel uneasy, embarrassed, and proud for the character as if we were a mother who was witnessing their daughter discover their period for the first time.

There are not quite enough words to describe the movie, but would be better understood after experiencing it. and trust me, it is something that must be experienced. A+

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September 26:
Friends with Benefits (2011) - Good: It's hard to not judge this film with No Strings Attached (2011) but Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis had much more chemistry that Portman and Kutcher (wth seriously?) It was fun and good and basically get what you expect from this movie. Bad: predictable but what do you expect? them not to get together? B-

September 27:
Lion King 3D (1994) - Good: everything you remember/felt about it during your childhood, it's ten-folds better than that cause now you actually can understand everything and enjoy it for what it is, A GREAT CHILDREN MOVIE! Bad: 3D & R.I.P Mufasa A+

September 28:
Gone Baby Gone (2007) - What a great ethical story. This surprisingly honest film is ben affleck's directorial debut that presents ethical questions about what is right and wrong. it was a knock out film that gave amazing performances by casey affleck and amy ryan. Bad: good enough. A-

September 29:
Cobu (2012): will not disclose any information till film comes out in 2012. D+

October 1:
50/50 (2011): unlike Adam Sandler's Funny People (2009), 50/50 is able to balance this dramedy without falling off its beam even once. It's comical and endearing while telling a real-life story. seth rogen is back with his routine role of comic relief but it shows hes not exactly what he shows off to be. It is what it is: a story about cancer. Bad: Joseph Gordon-Levitt's hair. A-
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im going to start watching a lot more television now considering that the film shouldnt be the only production i should be concerning myself with. so these are the shows ive been religiously/started watching...

1) mad men: IF YOU DONT WATCH MAD MEN, YOU NEED TO START NOW. i love this show. this is one show that really makes me want to not go into film but into television. im going to need to finish season 4 after i watch boardwalk empire.

2) the office: i cant believe theyre on their 8th season and going strong! although there are so many comedy shows that have been getting more buzz, the office has still not lost its touch. there is a much more base they need to cover and i hope the series doesnt end soon!

3) community: wow, this is got to be one of the funniest shows ever. with its meta/pop culture references and witty dialogue, it is really hard not to laugh out loud. and i NEVER LAUGH. OUT. LOUD. that says a lot. each character is sterotypical yet so unique and different to their sterotype. the show never ceases to surprise me! this last season 3, episode 2 was simply one of the best yet!

4) boardwalk empire: i always love some good storytelling. it may seem like its acquired interest with its focus on the prohibition era but with this much drama, who cares! anyone will be able to enjoy this intelligent show thats able to tell a thorough story without losing an aspect of filmmaking. this is tv at its best!

5) two broke girls: from the guy who brought you sex and the city brings you two broke girls. although i never really liked kat dennings, i cant help but appreciate and love her deadpan/sarcastic humor. although producers time and time again have tried to bring back the magic of sex and the city, no ones ever going to get close to it besides the man who made it himself. while other shows are sugar-coated, this show brings out the rawness of how girls you love or hate actually act like. its dirty and fun and everyone loves that!

6) new girl: i love zooey deschanel. thats it. i love her. but if she continues to act like a helpless puppy who is so desperately weak to her knees from her break up with her cheating boyfriend, i dont know how long i can stand watching this show. hopefully the next few episodes pick up...

7) pan am: who doesnt love to watch the 1960's lifestyles of globetrotting stewardesses explore new territories while looking good while at it? i do. i do. i do. anything relating to the 60's like mad men, I AM TOTALLY DOWN FOR! first episode was interesting and will have me as a fan for a while. i love christina ricci and hope to see more of her. i hope it lives up to its hype and hopefully will be as good as its 60's related series mad men.

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one of my favorite designer Proenza Schouler somehow teamed up with IDIOSYNCRATIC (its in caps for a reason) indie filmmaker Harmony Korine (gummo, mister lonely) and made "snowballs." i have no idea why PS would ever want Korine to film something but it is indeed interesting/freaky/scary. thats the exact sequence of emotions youre going to experience throughout the four minutes. if youve never seen a korine film, watch it with caution.

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September 19:
Thunder Soul- Good: truly uplifting story that will make the most cynical person tickle with laughter. I laughed and i cried, what more can i ask for? it is something to be witnessed in theaters as it brings a different kind of experience that will unite the audience as one. Bad: why don't i have the soundtrack already? A-

September 22:
The Guard- Good: in the history of buddy cop movies, Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle has to be the most odd cop pairing in history. Cinematography, set designer and the chemistry between the two character was interesting and hilarious. Bad: I honestly wish i knew what the hell Gleeson was talking about. There was such a language/slang gap that sometimes i did not know what was going on. Partially my fault for not being able to understand irish accents. B+

September 24:
Moneyball- Good: I always liked brad pitt and he never disappoints me. cinematography was so on point in this film that it was able to accompany pitt's struggling emotions and internal dilemma in this film. it focuses a different aspect of the sports film genre but nonetheless tells a tale of underdogs as usual. Bad: brad pitt is getting old and this film is proof of it. sadness A-

September 25:
Resident Evil- Good: No wonder boys and girls alike (more boys) were so fanatic about this movie. for one thing, when is milla jovovich's breast not exposed? there is a good premise to the movie as it incorporates the corruption of large corporations and voila, a virus. it is actually scarier than i thought it would be. Bad: there seemed like only a few questions were answered. and how long can a story like this last? apparently 4 more sequels and counting. B+
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September 12:
Hesher (2010) - Good: JGL! and the newcomer Devin Brochu's performance. Cinematography. Bad: the lack of progression in JGL's character and his intolerable behavior. C

September 13:
Shop Girl (2005) - Good: Interior decoration, cast, and acting especially by Claire Danes. man, when she cries, it feels like the life is going to end. now, thats good stuff. Bad: Steve Martin's unnecessary omniscient voiceover. C

September 14:
Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) - Good: ULTIMATE 90s CAST! starring 16 year old Kristin Dunst, skinny Kirstie Alley, Denise Richards, Britney Murphy, Amy Adams pre-smallville and enchanted! Funny dialogue and story. Bad: satirically predicatable. B+

September 17:
DRIVE (2011) - Good: Cinematography. BAD: EVERYTHING--music, action, acting, direction, costume, casting. EVERYTHING. i thought i was going bonkers cause i usually agree with the critics but man oh man, this time i will not and i will stand by my opinion. it seems like everyone either LOVED it or HATED it. for a modern film, why the 80s disco music? this self conscious film contained awkward moments that made me ponder how awkward the actors felt themselves while filming that scene. i dont ever want to wonder that while watching a movie. it started out as a suspense that quickly turned into a romantic to a b-rated film. what happened nicholas winding refn? D

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This is probably the only film ive been waiting for about a good year to finally come to a theater near me. sadly, it didn't and im glad i didn't drive to los angeles to see this. Spencer Susser's debut feature film got a lot of praise at Sundance 2010 for what it seemed like a fresh story and a stellar cast including the ever so lovable joseph gordon-levitt and my favorite natalie portman. what was delivered was nothing more than an headache and irritation.

After the loss of his mother in a car crash, T.J. (Devin Brochu) falls into a state of isolation and teen angst. It is not until a young man named Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who enteres T.J.'s life that he is able to reconcile family issues with his pill-popping father (Rainn Wilson).

This coming-of-age film had a magnificent soundtrack, acting, and cinematography. But what falls short is the direction of the film. It is indeed called Hesher but in no way does the film inform the audience anything about his past or his current state. While Joseph Gordon-Levitt is electrifying to watch, his destructive acts and lewd comments is only entertaining for the first 10 minutes. it is T.J. who has the spotlight and gives a truly compelling performance. His teen angsty ways are empathize as it reminds the 12 year old in all of us of ourselves at that age. Natalie portman goes back to her indie roots and shows us shes just as good with or without her oscar. Although it is Hesher that ultimately pulls the broken family back together through his oddly unorthodox behavior, but his character doesnt hold enough weight that the film be based on him. His menacing ways continue scene after scene and as soon as you think it will stop, it doesnt and the film is nearly over. as heartfelt and captivating the performance and cinematography is, i am glad i did not watch this in theaters. C

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This is the second poster that graphic designer Neil Kellerhouse has designed for the girl with the dragon tattoo and i must say, it is magnificent! what a perfect poster, i getting chills just looking at it! the film comes out dec 21st!
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September 6:
The Debt (2011) - good: actors and the story. bad: something about how they executed it just doesnt add up. B-

Akira (1988) - good: possibly everything about it from the animation to the story. i love stories like this that unravels in such a particular way and keeps you pondering who akira really is. bad: to the directors of the upcoming remake of akira cause youre going to fail! A

September 8:
Barry Lyndon (1975) - good: the set design, costumes, acting, and direction was all flawless!! you know that considering it is a kubrick film, everything was planned to perfection and oh, did it deliver! bad: not going to lie, this 184 minute film was difficult to get through but it wasnt due to its length or anything but just due to my lack of good timing. A

September 9:
Contagion (2011) - good: probably the best drama to come out this whole year! (cant wait for oscar season!!!! ek!) the soundtrack just cradled and entrapped us in this infectious story. i could not take my eyes off the screen. the a-list cast couldnt have delivered a better performance! and im glad soderbergh did not sell out and do a crappy job just because he had such a great cast. bad: nada. A-
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Frank Capra's screwball masterpiece starring Clark Gable and a Marlene Dietrich look-a-like Claudette Colbert in this romantic comedy that unlike most "romcom aka romantic comedies" these days, it is actually filled with witty dialogue and outstanding actors. A spoiled heiress (Colbert) runs away from home and is helped by a man (Gable) who is actually a reporter looking for a story.

i would say that this is one of the romantic comedies that started the whole genre. the same genre that has helped sandra bullock, jennifer lopez, katherine heigl, stay in the business for so long. If i think about it, the whole premise of Forces of Nature (1999) starring Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck, is a complete knockoff of It Happened One Night. A couple coincidentally meet on a bus one afternoon and in the course of a few days, events ensue, blah blah blah next thing you know they are madly in love with each other. but unlike forces of nature gable spits out the most charming and clever lines that will make you giggle, blush, and all together make you fall head over heels with his snarky behavior. And as much as colbert did bring her own sass into the picture it was gable's wise-cracking attitude that shined through. In the 7th academy awards, this was the first film to win the "BIG 5": Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actors and Actress, and Best Writing. Now, lets see if any Bullock, Lopez, and Heigl film could ever do that! A

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i am going to write more reviews but im going to log weekly all the films ive seen and name one good and bad thing about the picture.

August 30:
30 minute or less. (2011) - good: aziz azsari. bad: the whole script. C-

August 31:
It Happened One Night (1934) - good: CLARK GABLE (ooolala, siizzzle, drool) bad: nothing.

I'm Still Here (2010) - good: joaquin phoenix's ability to fool the world. bad: not much but his music career. A-

September 1:
Days of Heaven (1978) - good: young richard gere and orgasmic cinematography!!!! There's honestly nothing wrong with this film. bad: young girls ultra husky voice that wasnt decipherable if she was a girl or a boy. ( i kid...) A

September 2:
Best Worst Movie (2009) - good: fantastic portrait and explanation to why and how cult films sometimes work and sometimes dont. bad: feel bad for the actors who couldnt get jobs after troll 2. A

September 4:
Bad Teacher (2011) - good: cameron diaz's smokin body and to the extent of how "bad" she was. bad: a little too long, lets wrap it up man. C
Before Sunrise (1995) - good: dynamic dialogue and chemistry between ethan hawke and julie delpy. bad: that they had to eventually depart. boo hooo... A
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Kung Fu Hustle is a spectacle you have to see to believe. If I were to tell you that this Cantonese marital arts film entails characters that act like the looney tune characters on amphetamines would you even believe me? While most of the martial arts films like crouching tiger hidden dragon (2000) and hero (2002) are depicted in the upmost elegant manner, Stephen Chow takes the revered and graceful genre to another level by making it the most ridiculous spectacle to ever be seen.

Set in shanghai, china in the 1940s, the story revolves around a town who is ruled by the feared axe gang. Sing (Chow) desperately wants to become a member but accidentally stumbles upon pig sty alley which is ruled by landlords who turn out to be the greatest kung fu masters. sing's foolish actions eventually cause the axe gang and slumlords to engage in an kung-fu battle of epic proportions.

Chow has directed and acted in his own films since the 90's but it wasnt till the popularity of Shaolin Soccer (2001) that allowed Hustle to be picked up by Columbia Pictures Asia to be made. the film encompasses all that is absurd and theatrical about the kung-fu genre where human fists and kicks can indent opponents' faces inward and people can be throw out of buildings, face plant to the ground, and still be alive. although i havent seen many marital arts films, i would say because of its eccentricity and originality that it is one of the best film to come out of the genre. comically, chow made himself to resemble bruce lee with the exactly hair cut and attire that the icon usually struts with. he even appropriately brought his own childhood icon leung sui lung, a famous martial art actor in the 70's to play the impossible beast. Underneath its moronic and absurd qualities, the story tells a heartfelt tale about underdogs and outcasts and how together as a community can beat the odds against ruthless gangsters. indeed like takashi miike's ichi the killer (2001), kung fu hustle is something that must be seen to believe because words just dont cut it anymore, mark my words. A

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After taking a few laps in feature filmmaking, Rodolphe Marconi decided to dip his little fins into the typhoon of documentary filmmaking. Unlike Werner Herzog who has the abilities to tread between the feature and documentary worlds, Marconi sadly drowns in his first attempt. Lagerfeld Confidential tells almost all about the world renowned mystery man behind the infamous shades. Karl Lagerfeld is a German fashion designer but first and foremost he is the revered head designer and creative director for Chanel.

As we become an insider in lagerfeld's private life, we are given a rare chance to witness him in action and his passion for his work, fashion, photography and essentially all of life. the audiences discover his many quirks and mannerisms that seems to stem from his strict mother. it is unsure if it is lagerfeld's tendency to hide or the incompetency of the Marconi that provides little to nonexistent insight to who he truly is. the audience is consistently kept at an arms length distance from lagerfeld even in his own home. the rigid interview like dialogue reveal barely anything besides what comes out of lagerfeld's mouth. although what is asked and shown of the fashion icon can be taken as true to his character, it is the filmmakers' timid and infuriating presence behind and in front of the camera that propels this documentary to crash and burn. Marconi takes this once in a lifetime chance to show fashion mavens who Lagerfeld is and he misses and wanders off in his bland and structured direction that will leave many victims of fashion not much to squawk about. D

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For those of you who do not know errol morris, it is time for you to get introduced to him.

Roger Ebert has said, "After twenty years of reviewing films, I haven't found another filmmaker who intrigues me more...Errol Morris is like a magician, and as great a filmmaker as Hitchcock or Fellini."

i first discovered morris while taking a documentary class earlier this year. we watched the thin blue line (1998) and the film left me in complete awe and suspense. i realized right then and there that this filmmaker is worth watching out for. his newest documentary titled tabloid is about a former Miss Wyoming--Joyce Mckinney-- whose obsession with love has led her across the globe and onto the pages of tabloid newspapers. morris' subjects are consistently always intriguing and thought-provoking. i cant wait to watch this when it comes out on dvd or something! i love docs!

for those who live in the los angeles area, errol morris is doing a q&a at the vista theatre on sunset blvd. RSVP HERE. i wish i could go but sadly im in korea at the moment (for those of you who didnt notice!)

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this is my first seoul video of my korea video series. i hope to capture moments that display korean culture and atmosphere.. click and observe.

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sadly, as a film lover i am incredibly embarrassed to say that i havent watch any of terrance malick's films including days of heaven (1978) and the thin red line (1998). but from what i know of him is that he uses nature as a major element in his films and uses one or more characters for narration. and while i havent seen his films, from the many clips ive seen of days of heaven his visionary style in cinematography alone tells that he is a director worth watching and waiting for. in the tree of life, its lack of form is truly what makes the film as poetic, potent, and transcendental as films like 2001: a space odyssey. its orgasmic visuals and thought-provoking dialogue brings this film about the evolution of life and the relationship within reach audience's soul and beyond. brad pitt is my second favorite actor next to daniel day lewis and his role as the disciplinarian dad is both electrifying and intimidating. he does not get enough credit for having the full ability and capacity as an serious actor. (ahem ahem, the people of the academy) people will either leave confused or change but nonetheless, its a trip worth taking. A
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Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris will make you fall in love with Paris over and over again. While there are many love letters to paris, this could possibly be the biggest tribute to the city ive ever witness. i was oooing and ahhing throughout the entire film as gil pender wanders the streets of modern day paris as he longs to live in the city during the 20's. this is a film only the older generations will truly understand and get a kick out of unless you have a knack or knowledge of literary legends like hemingway and f. scott fitzgerald or artists like picasso, matisse, dali. wilson is deemed as a slower version of woody allen's lost and struggling persona as owen gleiberman (entertainment weekly) would say. while this is no annie hall, it is significantly better and more quirky than his most recent films like you will meet a tall dark stranger (2010) and whatever works (2009). but i guess out of every five films allen makes each year, only one is actually worth watching. B-
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it is finally here!! there are many good trilogies out there like star wars, back to the future, and the girl with the dragon tattoo (the swedish version) is no different. and as much as i love the swedish version, i cant help but be ecstatic for the u.s. version. i mean come on, david fincher!!! and rooney mara as lisabeth salander, is insane. lisabeth salander is my ultimate idol in profession, in looks, in attitude. if you didnt see the previews for x-men: first class or didnt get to catch the trailer earlier this week. here it is. i am more than elated to bring to you the first installment of the millenium trilogy. enjoy.
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its finals week and itll be the last week of my college career! yayy!! theres so many films and books that need to be watched and read before i leave for korea on the 12th of june! yippee!

1) bridesmaids
2) mad men: season two
3) everything must go
4) greatest film ever sold
5) joan rivers: a piece of work
6) valentino: the last emperor
7) fallen angels
8) howl

hopefully i can start vlogging my reviews as well as writing them..
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there is this trailer extraordinaire called cobrasnake? that is notoriously known to make the most banal film's trailer look like the most mind-blowing film eeevvvvaa. and no surprise that the harry potter and the deathly hallows part II trailer looks fucking insane, i really do think it will live up to its hype and expectations. it is too much to ask for considering that every other film has turned out to be complete shit when the trailer looked absolutely mouth-droppingly good. DAVID YATES CAN DO NO WRONG!!
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Mary and Max is a 2009 Austrailian clay-animation feature directed and written by Adam Elliot. (my friend jeremy insists that i watch it! and thanks!) It tells of a 20 year pen pal friendship between two very idiosyncratic and different people: Mary Dinkle, a chubby, lonely, 8-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and Max Horowitz, a 44-year-old Jewish man who is severely obese, suffers from asperger's syndrome and leads an isolated life in New York City. it is quite a simple story about the tale of two lonely people who just want a friend.

Their friendship forms out of sheer coincidence when mary becomes curious to know where babies come from in america (cause apparently in australia, they are found in beer bottles.) she randomly rips a sheet out from the white pages and voila, she meets max horowitz. while it appears to be very whimsical and simple, it touches on deep subjects such as depression, obesity, isolation, childhood neglect etc, etc. in the opening credits, it says it is based on a true story. elliot clarified that the character of max was inspired by a pen-pal he's been writing to for over twenty years. (which makes me question if he and his pen-pal met the same fate as the characters in the end. hmmmm...)

the film is very reminiscent of jean-pierre jeunet's amelie (2001) in that mary has a wildly expansive imagination that confronts ideas and emotions that have been buried since one's own childhood. the way mary looks, talks, and acts is like an explosion of cuteness and when she says stuff like "he's scared of outside, which is a disease called homophobia" her cuteness radar just bursts out the roof. what started out to be a simple exchange of words turned out to be more than they ever bargained for. their 20 year friendship which was built through scribbles of ink and paper influences and changes them more than any real and tangible relationship ever could. and maybe thats the key to true happiness and friendship, to have an eternal bond between two people that cannot ever be broken even through the hardships of time, arguments, and distance. A-

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The only people who get sucker punched in Sucker Punch is the audience (like myself) that willingly paid to get our brain cells utterly destroyed. why pay for a movie filled with girls in costumes that show their milky thighs and luscious breasts fighting "big bad monsters and soldiers" like in sucker punch instead of enjoying this obscene content in the very comfort of your couch with a box of tissues? i mean its basically what zack snyder was doing when he was writing his original story very aptly named "sucker punch."(please tell me you read the sarcasm in my text.)

Petite and porcelain Baby Doll (emily browning) is wrongly sent to an insane aslyum after accidently killing her little sister in attempts of trying to save the two of them from their pedophilic step-father. Her and her group of mental inmates must band together and try to escape their reality through the imagination of baby doll.

While on paper it sounds quite intriguing and interesting, synder's execution is unbearably distasteful. whats worse is that the this is an "original" story by snyder and he just fucks it up. within the first 30 minutes of the movie, the audience has its first taste of the surprisingly campy-ness of the movie as they watch baby doll adjusting to the institutional life while a cover of the Pixes' where is my mind is sung overhead. while it can be seem as a otaku's or a nerds dream with beautiful/barely covered girls with their belt-length skirts and baby tees fighting anime monsters, ghost nazis, and serpents, it is quite the contrary. sucker punch is a story within a story and the transition from one story to another can confuse the audience within minutes even with the distinction from the regular to the cgi world. the cgi gets old very quickly, and for two hours, your eyes are held hostage to this horror.

This seemingly women empowering movie shows merely the same demeaning outlook of females as nothing more than meat. the women in the end do not overcome and conquer against their overbearing master, but baaaaaaaarely survive, and i mean barely. the only good thing about sucker punch was the believable sister dynamic between abbie cornish (bright star, limitless) and jena malone (stepmom, donnie darko). sucker punch was just another one of synder's pornographic fantasies that he tried to make into a women empowering film that would please both the females and males, but guess what synder?! you fail. the only one whos getting off on this is you and a million other guys who just want to see another piece of ass. no thank you. D
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"Photographer. Perfectionist. Loner. Maverick. Visionary."

all these words describe the new york times photographer bill cunningham. its sad to say but before this documentary i had no idea who bill cunningham was. but after watching this trailer im glad to know that there is someone like him out there, someone so committed to the world of fashion that he sleeps in a room full of cabinets (which im assuming is inundated with film) on a little cot and calls it his home. it amazes me how in this day and age, there are still some people out there who have such a romanticized mindset about life and money. among the plasticized faces of the celebrity realm, lies a couple of mavericks who have broke out of the mold and into a true "individual." i cant wait for this to come out, seems so interesting. and as i am taking a documentary class this semester im so intrigued and fascinated by good docs of "ordinary" people. it comes out march 16!

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to the many of you that may or may not follow my tumblr or twitter, you may not have known how psycho i was going over the whole the king's speech > the social network ordeal. Honestly, i dont understand and i dont think ill ever understand why oh why did the kings speech ever win best picture and best director over david finchers masterpiece. did the academy think that finchers upcoming rendition of the girl with the dragon tattoo would be just as good that his third time would be it? i dont know but all i gotta say is that from its editing, music, acting, direction, was just simply perfect.

and judging by my predictions, its sad to say but i got owned. i got half of these right and the other half were just way off. im honestly so sad about fincher getting robbed of his oscar. he deserves to have a little gold man in his hand too! maybe next year or maybe never. i just have to remember that fellini, kubrick, hitchcock, or bergman never won an academy. the oscars of 2011 was just bullshit. i guess caucasian people have prevailed once again. the kings speech is such a trivial and redundant piece of work. while the cinematography was breathtaking, the story! the story was a snooooooozefest. k fine, im done shit talking...

Best Picture
"The King's Speech," Iain Canning, Emile Sherman and Gareth Unwin, Producers

Achievement in directing
"The King's Speech," Tom Hooper

Actor in a Leading Role
Colin Firth in "The King's Speech"

Actor in a Supporting Role
Christian Bale in "The Fighter"

Actress in a Leading Role
Natalie Portman in "Black Swan"

Actress in a Supporting Role
Melissa Leo in "The Fighter"

Animated Feature Film
"Toy Story 3" Lee Unkrich

Achievement in Art Direction
"Alice in Wonderland"

Achievement in Cinematography
"Inception," Wally Pfister

Costume Design
"Alice in Wonderland," Colleen Atwood

Documentary (Feature)
"Inside Job," Charles Ferguson and Audrey Marrs

Documentary (Short Subject)
"Strangers No More"

Film Editing
"The Social Network"

Foreign Language Film
"In a Better World," Denmark

"The Wolfman," Rick Baker and Dave Elsey

Music (Original Score)
"The Social Network," Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Music (Original Song)
"We Belong Together" from "Toy Story 3," Music and Lyric by Randy Newman

Short Film (Animated)
"The Lost Thing," Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann

Short Film (Live Action)
"God of Love," Luke Matheny

Sound Editing
"Inception," Richard King

Sound Mixing
"Inception," Lora Hirschberg, Gary A. Rizzo and Ed Novick

Visual Effects
"Inception," Paul Franklin, Chris Corbould, Andrew Lockley and Peter Bebb

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
"The Social Network," Screenplay by Aaron Sorkin

Writing (Original Screenplay)
"The King's Speech," Screenplay by David Seidler

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i think this is a book but i found a list of films that apparently i "must see before i die!" so im going to try to complete this list this year. i know im starting out slow but ive seen maybe like 1/5 of the films on the list, which isnt saying very much but im looking to change that. first off the list is...

1) dancer in the dark, lars von trier (2000)
2) all about my mother, pedro almodovar (1999)

im going to keep of list on the side of the blog to keep me in check. i dont know if i could complete this list this year but i know for sure before i diiiiiiie, i will!! btw, this list is 49 pages... im just going to keep telling myself that i can do it..

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my fellow csulb film mate Bryce Marrero is trying to get funded to make his final thesis film "Bad Blood so please go support him if you can.

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at first it reminded me very much of thumbsucker. but firstshowing.net is calling it very wes anderson/noah baumbach-esque and i guess i kind of agree. it seems like a cute indie british film and by the hype of it at its premiere at the toronto film festival, i cant help but be excited about it too.

submarine is a comedy following a 15-year old boy named oliver tate who has two objectives: to lose his virginity before his next birthday and to stop his mother from leaving his father for her dance teacher.

although the part of him wanting to lose his virginity does sound cliche, it might be good. the weinstein company has picked it up but a release date hasnt been confirmed. it will come out in the uk in march!

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i love mike mills so so so much. after making the magical thumbsucker back in 2005, hes back with beginners. its screams out idiosyncratic and cute, i dont know what to do with myself...!! sdgjsdgjsg

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(my winner predictions)

Best Motion Picture of the Year

Black Swan
The Fighter
The Kids are All Right
The King's Speech
The Social Network
The Town
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Winter's Bone

Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Annette Bening (The Kids are All Right)
Nicole Kidman (Rabbit Hole)
Jennifer Lawrence (Winter's Bone)
Natalie Portman (Black Swan)
Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine)

Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (no gosling? booohooo)
Javier Bardem (Biutiful)
Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network)
Colin Firth (The King's Speech)
James Franco (127 Hours)--carson daly was complaining on amp how much he didnt like franco and wanted gosling instead, true that
Jeff Bridges (True Grit)

Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (why didnt andrew garfield get nominated?!)
Christian Bale (The Fighter)
John Hawkes (Winter's Bone)
Jeremy Renner (The Town)
Mark Ruffalo (The Kids are All Right)
Geoffrey Rush (The King's Speech)

Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Amy Adams (The Fighter)
Helena Bonham Carter (The King's Speech)
Melissa Leo (The Fighter)
Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit)
Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom)

Best Animated Feature Film of the Year
How to Train Your Dragon
The Illusionist
Toy Story 3

Best Documentary Short Subject
Killing in the Name
Poster Girl
Strangers No More
Sun Come Up
The Warriors of Qiugang

Best Short Film (Animated)
Day & Night Teddy Newton
The Gruffalo Jakob Schuh and Max Lang
Let's Pollute Geefwee Boedoe
The Lost Thing Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann
Madagascar, carnet de voyage (Madagascar, a Journey Diary) Bastien Dubois

Best Short Film (Live Action)
The Confession Tanel Toom
The Crush Michael Creagh
God of Love Luke Matheny
Na Wewe Ivan Goldschmidt
Wish 143 Ian Barnes and Samantha Waite

Achievement in Art Direction
Alice in Wonderland
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

The King's Speech
True Grit

Achievement in Cinematography
Black Swan (Matthew Libatique)
Inception (Wally Pfister)
The King's Speech (Danny Cohen)
The Social Network (Jeff Cronenweth)
True Grit (Roger Deakins)

Achievement in Costume Design
Alice in Wonderland (Colleen Atwood)
I Am Love (Antonella Cannarozzi)
The King's Speech (Jenny Beaven)
The Tempest (Sandy Powell)
True Grit (Mary Zophres)

Achievement in Directing
Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan)
David O. Russell (The Fighter)
Tom Hooper (The King's Speech)
David Fincher (The Social Network)
Joel and Ethan Coen (True Grit)

Best Documentary Feature
Exit through the Gift Shop Banksy, director (Paranoid Pictures)
Gasland Josh Fox, director (Gasland Productions, LLC)
Inside Job Charles Ferguson, director (Representational Pictures)
Restrepo Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger, directors (Outpost Films)
Waste Land Lucy Walker, director (Almega Projects)

Achievement in Makeup
Barney's Version
The Way Back
The Wolfman

Achievement in Film Editing
Black Swan (Andrew Weisblum)
The Fighter (Pamela Martin)
The King's Speech (Tariq Anwar)
127 Hours (Jon Harris)
The Social Network (Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall)

Best Foreign Language Film of the Year
Biutiful (Mexico)
Dogtooth (Greece)
In a Better World (Denmark)
Incendies (Canada)
Hors la Loi (Algeria)

Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Score)
How to Train Your Dragon (John Powell)
Inception (Hans Zimmer)
The King's Speech (Alexandre Desplat)
127 Hours (A.R. Rahman)

The Social Network (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross)

Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Song)
"Coming Home" from Country Strong Music and Lyric by Tom Douglas, Troy Verges and Hillary Lindsey
"I See the Light" from Tangled Music and Lyric by Alan Menken Lyric by Glenn Slater
"If I Rise" from 127 Hours Music by A.R. Rahman Lyric by Dido and Rollo Armstrong
"We Belong Together" from Toy Story 3 Music and Lyric by Randy Newman

Achievement in Sound Editing
Toy Story 3
TRON: Legacy
True Grit

Achievement in Sound Mixing (no black swan?)
The King's Speech
The Social Network
True Grit

Achievement in Visual Effects
Alice in Wonderland
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
Iron Man 2

Adapted Screenplay
127 Hours (Simon Beaufoy and Danny Boyle)
The Social Network (Aaron Sorkin)
Toy Story 3 (Michael Arndt, story by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich)
True Grit (Joel Coen and Ethan Coen)
Winter's Bone (Debra Granik and Anne Rossellini)

Original Screenplay
Another Year (Mike Leigh)
The Fighter (Paul Attanasio, Lewis Colich, Eric Johnson, Scott Silverand Paul Tamasy)
Inception (Christopher Nolan)
The Kids are All Right (Stuart Blumberg and Lisa Cholodenko)

The King's Speech (David Seidler)

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