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Bill Cunningham New York trailer

"Photographer. Perfectionist. Loner. Maverick. Visionary."

all these words describe the new york times photographer bill cunningham. its sad to say but before this documentary i had no idea who bill cunningham was. but after watching this trailer im glad to know that there is someone like him out there, someone so committed to the world of fashion that he sleeps in a room full of cabinets (which im assuming is inundated with film) on a little cot and calls it his home. it amazes me how in this day and age, there are still some people out there who have such a romanticized mindset about life and money. among the plasticized faces of the celebrity realm, lies a couple of mavericks who have broke out of the mold and into a true "individual." i cant wait for this to come out, seems so interesting. and as i am taking a documentary class this semester im so intrigued and fascinated by good docs of "ordinary" people. it comes out march 16!

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