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Sucker Punch (2011)

The only people who get sucker punched in Sucker Punch is the audience (like myself) that willingly paid to get our brain cells utterly destroyed. why pay for a movie filled with girls in costumes that show their milky thighs and luscious breasts fighting "big bad monsters and soldiers" like in sucker punch instead of enjoying this obscene content in the very comfort of your couch with a box of tissues? i mean its basically what zack snyder was doing when he was writing his original story very aptly named "sucker punch."(please tell me you read the sarcasm in my text.)

Petite and porcelain Baby Doll (emily browning) is wrongly sent to an insane aslyum after accidently killing her little sister in attempts of trying to save the two of them from their pedophilic step-father. Her and her group of mental inmates must band together and try to escape their reality through the imagination of baby doll.

While on paper it sounds quite intriguing and interesting, synder's execution is unbearably distasteful. whats worse is that the this is an "original" story by snyder and he just fucks it up. within the first 30 minutes of the movie, the audience has its first taste of the surprisingly campy-ness of the movie as they watch baby doll adjusting to the institutional life while a cover of the Pixes' where is my mind is sung overhead. while it can be seem as a otaku's or a nerds dream with beautiful/barely covered girls with their belt-length skirts and baby tees fighting anime monsters, ghost nazis, and serpents, it is quite the contrary. sucker punch is a story within a story and the transition from one story to another can confuse the audience within minutes even with the distinction from the regular to the cgi world. the cgi gets old very quickly, and for two hours, your eyes are held hostage to this horror.

This seemingly women empowering movie shows merely the same demeaning outlook of females as nothing more than meat. the women in the end do not overcome and conquer against their overbearing master, but baaaaaaaarely survive, and i mean barely. the only good thing about sucker punch was the believable sister dynamic between abbie cornish (bright star, limitless) and jena malone (stepmom, donnie darko). sucker punch was just another one of synder's pornographic fantasies that he tried to make into a women empowering film that would please both the females and males, but guess what synder?! you fail. the only one whos getting off on this is you and a million other guys who just want to see another piece of ass. no thank you. D

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drknkook at: March 29, 2011 at 9:24 AM said...

First off, thank you for posting another review, feels like it's been awhile since you've posted a review (and it has been awhile).

I enjoyed Sucker Punch quite a lot. I thought visually, it had the Snyder touch which made it worthwhile (much like 300 or Dawn of the Dead). That said, the transitions from 60s, to the whorehouse, to the imaginary world were defintely confusing. For awhile there, I thought the whorehouse was actually real. My other main problem with the film was the pacing. I know that's just Snyder's way of storytelling, but HE MAKES EVERYTHING SO SLOW! Watchmen was horrible because the pacing was so slow, Dawn of the Dead would also be on my list of movies I would never mention again if I weren't a fan of zombie movies.

As for the pornographic fantasy aspect, I didn't think it was that bad. Yes, it did not empower women at all (especially the ending), but I'm not too certain that Snyder is the right type of guy to be making that kind of film anyways?

Anyways, thanks again!

yiqin; at: April 11, 2011 at 9:50 AM said...

i thought the girls were hot tho.

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