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First Impression: Midnight in Paris (2011)

Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris will make you fall in love with Paris over and over again. While there are many love letters to paris, this could possibly be the biggest tribute to the city ive ever witness. i was oooing and ahhing throughout the entire film as gil pender wanders the streets of modern day paris as he longs to live in the city during the 20's. this is a film only the older generations will truly understand and get a kick out of unless you have a knack or knowledge of literary legends like hemingway and f. scott fitzgerald or artists like picasso, matisse, dali. wilson is deemed as a slower version of woody allen's lost and struggling persona as owen gleiberman (entertainment weekly) would say. while this is no annie hall, it is significantly better and more quirky than his most recent films like you will meet a tall dark stranger (2010) and whatever works (2009). but i guess out of every five films allen makes each year, only one is actually worth watching. B-

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