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First Reaction: The Tree of Life (2011)

sadly, as a film lover i am incredibly embarrassed to say that i havent watch any of terrance malick's films including days of heaven (1978) and the thin red line (1998). but from what i know of him is that he uses nature as a major element in his films and uses one or more characters for narration. and while i havent seen his films, from the many clips ive seen of days of heaven his visionary style in cinematography alone tells that he is a director worth watching and waiting for. in the tree of life, its lack of form is truly what makes the film as poetic, potent, and transcendental as films like 2001: a space odyssey. its orgasmic visuals and thought-provoking dialogue brings this film about the evolution of life and the relationship within reach audience's soul and beyond. brad pitt is my second favorite actor next to daniel day lewis and his role as the disciplinarian dad is both electrifying and intimidating. he does not get enough credit for having the full ability and capacity as an serious actor. (ahem ahem, the people of the academy) people will either leave confused or change but nonetheless, its a trip worth taking. A

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