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Lagerfeld Confidential (2007)

After taking a few laps in feature filmmaking, Rodolphe Marconi decided to dip his little fins into the typhoon of documentary filmmaking. Unlike Werner Herzog who has the abilities to tread between the feature and documentary worlds, Marconi sadly drowns in his first attempt. Lagerfeld Confidential tells almost all about the world renowned mystery man behind the infamous shades. Karl Lagerfeld is a German fashion designer but first and foremost he is the revered head designer and creative director for Chanel.

As we become an insider in lagerfeld's private life, we are given a rare chance to witness him in action and his passion for his work, fashion, photography and essentially all of life. the audiences discover his many quirks and mannerisms that seems to stem from his strict mother. it is unsure if it is lagerfeld's tendency to hide or the incompetency of the Marconi that provides little to nonexistent insight to who he truly is. the audience is consistently kept at an arms length distance from lagerfeld even in his own home. the rigid interview like dialogue reveal barely anything besides what comes out of lagerfeld's mouth. although what is asked and shown of the fashion icon can be taken as true to his character, it is the filmmakers' timid and infuriating presence behind and in front of the camera that propels this documentary to crash and burn. Marconi takes this once in a lifetime chance to show fashion mavens who Lagerfeld is and he misses and wanders off in his bland and structured direction that will leave many victims of fashion not much to squawk about. D

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