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So's Film Diaries: September 19 - September 25, 2011

September 19:
Thunder Soul- Good: truly uplifting story that will make the most cynical person tickle with laughter. I laughed and i cried, what more can i ask for? it is something to be witnessed in theaters as it brings a different kind of experience that will unite the audience as one. Bad: why don't i have the soundtrack already? A-

September 22:
The Guard- Good: in the history of buddy cop movies, Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle has to be the most odd cop pairing in history. Cinematography, set designer and the chemistry between the two character was interesting and hilarious. Bad: I honestly wish i knew what the hell Gleeson was talking about. There was such a language/slang gap that sometimes i did not know what was going on. Partially my fault for not being able to understand irish accents. B+

September 24:
Moneyball- Good: I always liked brad pitt and he never disappoints me. cinematography was so on point in this film that it was able to accompany pitt's struggling emotions and internal dilemma in this film. it focuses a different aspect of the sports film genre but nonetheless tells a tale of underdogs as usual. Bad: brad pitt is getting old and this film is proof of it. sadness A-

September 25:
Resident Evil- Good: No wonder boys and girls alike (more boys) were so fanatic about this movie. for one thing, when is milla jovovich's breast not exposed? there is a good premise to the movie as it incorporates the corruption of large corporations and voila, a virus. it is actually scarier than i thought it would be. Bad: there seemed like only a few questions were answered. and how long can a story like this last? apparently 4 more sequels and counting. B+

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