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So's Film Diaries: September 26 - October 2, 2011

September 26:
Friends with Benefits (2011) - Good: It's hard to not judge this film with No Strings Attached (2011) but Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis had much more chemistry that Portman and Kutcher (wth seriously?) It was fun and good and basically get what you expect from this movie. Bad: predictable but what do you expect? them not to get together? B-

September 27:
Lion King 3D (1994) - Good: everything you remember/felt about it during your childhood, it's ten-folds better than that cause now you actually can understand everything and enjoy it for what it is, A GREAT CHILDREN MOVIE! Bad: 3D & R.I.P Mufasa A+

September 28:
Gone Baby Gone (2007) - What a great ethical story. This surprisingly honest film is ben affleck's directorial debut that presents ethical questions about what is right and wrong. it was a knock out film that gave amazing performances by casey affleck and amy ryan. Bad: good enough. A-

September 29:
Cobu (2012): will not disclose any information till film comes out in 2012. D+

October 1:
50/50 (2011): unlike Adam Sandler's Funny People (2009), 50/50 is able to balance this dramedy without falling off its beam even once. It's comical and endearing while telling a real-life story. seth rogen is back with his routine role of comic relief but it shows hes not exactly what he shows off to be. It is what it is: a story about cancer. Bad: Joseph Gordon-Levitt's hair. A-

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