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i watch tv now...

im going to start watching a lot more television now considering that the film shouldnt be the only production i should be concerning myself with. so these are the shows ive been religiously/started watching...

1) mad men: IF YOU DONT WATCH MAD MEN, YOU NEED TO START NOW. i love this show. this is one show that really makes me want to not go into film but into television. im going to need to finish season 4 after i watch boardwalk empire.

2) the office: i cant believe theyre on their 8th season and going strong! although there are so many comedy shows that have been getting more buzz, the office has still not lost its touch. there is a much more base they need to cover and i hope the series doesnt end soon!

3) community: wow, this is got to be one of the funniest shows ever. with its meta/pop culture references and witty dialogue, it is really hard not to laugh out loud. and i NEVER LAUGH. OUT. LOUD. that says a lot. each character is sterotypical yet so unique and different to their sterotype. the show never ceases to surprise me! this last season 3, episode 2 was simply one of the best yet!

4) boardwalk empire: i always love some good storytelling. it may seem like its acquired interest with its focus on the prohibition era but with this much drama, who cares! anyone will be able to enjoy this intelligent show thats able to tell a thorough story without losing an aspect of filmmaking. this is tv at its best!

5) two broke girls: from the guy who brought you sex and the city brings you two broke girls. although i never really liked kat dennings, i cant help but appreciate and love her deadpan/sarcastic humor. although producers time and time again have tried to bring back the magic of sex and the city, no ones ever going to get close to it besides the man who made it himself. while other shows are sugar-coated, this show brings out the rawness of how girls you love or hate actually act like. its dirty and fun and everyone loves that!

6) new girl: i love zooey deschanel. thats it. i love her. but if she continues to act like a helpless puppy who is so desperately weak to her knees from her break up with her cheating boyfriend, i dont know how long i can stand watching this show. hopefully the next few episodes pick up...

7) pan am: who doesnt love to watch the 1960's lifestyles of globetrotting stewardesses explore new territories while looking good while at it? i do. i do. i do. anything relating to the 60's like mad men, I AM TOTALLY DOWN FOR! first episode was interesting and will have me as a fan for a while. i love christina ricci and hope to see more of her. i hope it lives up to its hype and hopefully will be as good as its 60's related series mad men.

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Michelle at: October 19, 2011 at 7:14 PM said...

I love Pan Am as well! I was hooked after the first episode. I'll have to check out Mad Men. Everyone tells me it's that good....but never came around to it. :P

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