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First Reaction: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

i can say that as a fan of the millenium book series and swedish films that david fincher's version of the girl with the dragon tattoo is definitely worth watching. as for the question to who made the adaptation better, this argument could go on for years and years. although, im going to say that i did like the swedish films better for its representation of lisabeth's feminist ideals that made a stronger stance that roots back to her deeply damaged past. the first time i saw rooney mara as lisabeth, i could not wait to see the film as it showed a revamped image of the lisabeth salander that we all know and love. but with fincher's film, i felt a complex knowing that although this film can potentially change many perspective of women roles in society, he stylized and sexified everyone and everything to the point that he wanted to please the audience. rooney mara is certainly badass but as a victim of rape and suppression from society, how is it that she is so effortlessly fashionable? unlike the swedish films, why is she completely shaven from the shoulder and below? after all her troubles and struggles, should the audience still think about how fucking sexy and hot she is as to how we should be on her side to fight the indecent people of this world? people say that fincher's version is an "americanized" version meaning it is inundated with sex and appeal. typical.

the complex continues as to whether david fincher's version of the girl with the dragon tattoo is refreshing or totally uninnovative. he added insane amount of detail that was in the book that wasn't in the swedish films which added an excess amount of time to the film that probably wasn't necessary. but that is what was why it was so thrilling how the audience got an in depth look into the story and how in the end, after all the annoyed and cold looks from lisabeth came a moment that revealed her vulnerable and soft side. but the same details that made the film interesting became an exact page to page translation to screen. it was precisely like the novel that it leaves no room for fincher to make it his own film. there were some events that were alternated but the bigger picture was exactly the same.

regardless, it is a film worth watching and drooling over (i dont think you can resist). i probably should write a review that isn't just me complaining about the film if im recommending people to watch it. the bottom line is that the swedish films were able to capture the troubled life of lisabeth that can potentially change the views of suppressed and violated women of the world. where as the american version just glorifies the character and story to be viewed simply as just a movie.

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