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September 19:
Thunder Soul- Good: truly uplifting story that will make the most cynical person tickle with laughter. I laughed and i cried, what more can i ask for? it is something to be witnessed in theaters as it brings a different kind of experience that will unite the audience as one. Bad: why don't i have the soundtrack already? A-

September 22:
The Guard- Good: in the history of buddy cop movies, Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle has to be the most odd cop pairing in history. Cinematography, set designer and the chemistry between the two character was interesting and hilarious. Bad: I honestly wish i knew what the hell Gleeson was talking about. There was such a language/slang gap that sometimes i did not know what was going on. Partially my fault for not being able to understand irish accents. B+

September 24:
Moneyball- Good: I always liked brad pitt and he never disappoints me. cinematography was so on point in this film that it was able to accompany pitt's struggling emotions and internal dilemma in this film. it focuses a different aspect of the sports film genre but nonetheless tells a tale of underdogs as usual. Bad: brad pitt is getting old and this film is proof of it. sadness A-

September 25:
Resident Evil- Good: No wonder boys and girls alike (more boys) were so fanatic about this movie. for one thing, when is milla jovovich's breast not exposed? there is a good premise to the movie as it incorporates the corruption of large corporations and voila, a virus. it is actually scarier than i thought it would be. Bad: there seemed like only a few questions were answered. and how long can a story like this last? apparently 4 more sequels and counting. B+
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September 12:
Hesher (2010) - Good: JGL! and the newcomer Devin Brochu's performance. Cinematography. Bad: the lack of progression in JGL's character and his intolerable behavior. C

September 13:
Shop Girl (2005) - Good: Interior decoration, cast, and acting especially by Claire Danes. man, when she cries, it feels like the life is going to end. now, thats good stuff. Bad: Steve Martin's unnecessary omniscient voiceover. C

September 14:
Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) - Good: ULTIMATE 90s CAST! starring 16 year old Kristin Dunst, skinny Kirstie Alley, Denise Richards, Britney Murphy, Amy Adams pre-smallville and enchanted! Funny dialogue and story. Bad: satirically predicatable. B+

September 17:
DRIVE (2011) - Good: Cinematography. BAD: EVERYTHING--music, action, acting, direction, costume, casting. EVERYTHING. i thought i was going bonkers cause i usually agree with the critics but man oh man, this time i will not and i will stand by my opinion. it seems like everyone either LOVED it or HATED it. for a modern film, why the 80s disco music? this self conscious film contained awkward moments that made me ponder how awkward the actors felt themselves while filming that scene. i dont ever want to wonder that while watching a movie. it started out as a suspense that quickly turned into a romantic to a b-rated film. what happened nicholas winding refn? D

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This is probably the only film ive been waiting for about a good year to finally come to a theater near me. sadly, it didn't and im glad i didn't drive to los angeles to see this. Spencer Susser's debut feature film got a lot of praise at Sundance 2010 for what it seemed like a fresh story and a stellar cast including the ever so lovable joseph gordon-levitt and my favorite natalie portman. what was delivered was nothing more than an headache and irritation.

After the loss of his mother in a car crash, T.J. (Devin Brochu) falls into a state of isolation and teen angst. It is not until a young man named Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who enteres T.J.'s life that he is able to reconcile family issues with his pill-popping father (Rainn Wilson).

This coming-of-age film had a magnificent soundtrack, acting, and cinematography. But what falls short is the direction of the film. It is indeed called Hesher but in no way does the film inform the audience anything about his past or his current state. While Joseph Gordon-Levitt is electrifying to watch, his destructive acts and lewd comments is only entertaining for the first 10 minutes. it is T.J. who has the spotlight and gives a truly compelling performance. His teen angsty ways are empathize as it reminds the 12 year old in all of us of ourselves at that age. Natalie portman goes back to her indie roots and shows us shes just as good with or without her oscar. Although it is Hesher that ultimately pulls the broken family back together through his oddly unorthodox behavior, but his character doesnt hold enough weight that the film be based on him. His menacing ways continue scene after scene and as soon as you think it will stop, it doesnt and the film is nearly over. as heartfelt and captivating the performance and cinematography is, i am glad i did not watch this in theaters. C

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This is the second poster that graphic designer Neil Kellerhouse has designed for the girl with the dragon tattoo and i must say, it is magnificent! what a perfect poster, i getting chills just looking at it! the film comes out dec 21st!
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September 6:
The Debt (2011) - good: actors and the story. bad: something about how they executed it just doesnt add up. B-

Akira (1988) - good: possibly everything about it from the animation to the story. i love stories like this that unravels in such a particular way and keeps you pondering who akira really is. bad: to the directors of the upcoming remake of akira cause youre going to fail! A

September 8:
Barry Lyndon (1975) - good: the set design, costumes, acting, and direction was all flawless!! you know that considering it is a kubrick film, everything was planned to perfection and oh, did it deliver! bad: not going to lie, this 184 minute film was difficult to get through but it wasnt due to its length or anything but just due to my lack of good timing. A

September 9:
Contagion (2011) - good: probably the best drama to come out this whole year! (cant wait for oscar season!!!! ek!) the soundtrack just cradled and entrapped us in this infectious story. i could not take my eyes off the screen. the a-list cast couldnt have delivered a better performance! and im glad soderbergh did not sell out and do a crappy job just because he had such a great cast. bad: nada. A-
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Frank Capra's screwball masterpiece starring Clark Gable and a Marlene Dietrich look-a-like Claudette Colbert in this romantic comedy that unlike most "romcom aka romantic comedies" these days, it is actually filled with witty dialogue and outstanding actors. A spoiled heiress (Colbert) runs away from home and is helped by a man (Gable) who is actually a reporter looking for a story.

i would say that this is one of the romantic comedies that started the whole genre. the same genre that has helped sandra bullock, jennifer lopez, katherine heigl, stay in the business for so long. If i think about it, the whole premise of Forces of Nature (1999) starring Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck, is a complete knockoff of It Happened One Night. A couple coincidentally meet on a bus one afternoon and in the course of a few days, events ensue, blah blah blah next thing you know they are madly in love with each other. but unlike forces of nature gable spits out the most charming and clever lines that will make you giggle, blush, and all together make you fall head over heels with his snarky behavior. And as much as colbert did bring her own sass into the picture it was gable's wise-cracking attitude that shined through. In the 7th academy awards, this was the first film to win the "BIG 5": Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actors and Actress, and Best Writing. Now, lets see if any Bullock, Lopez, and Heigl film could ever do that! A

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i am going to write more reviews but im going to log weekly all the films ive seen and name one good and bad thing about the picture.

August 30:
30 minute or less. (2011) - good: aziz azsari. bad: the whole script. C-

August 31:
It Happened One Night (1934) - good: CLARK GABLE (ooolala, siizzzle, drool) bad: nothing.

I'm Still Here (2010) - good: joaquin phoenix's ability to fool the world. bad: not much but his music career. A-

September 1:
Days of Heaven (1978) - good: young richard gere and orgasmic cinematography!!!! There's honestly nothing wrong with this film. bad: young girls ultra husky voice that wasnt decipherable if she was a girl or a boy. ( i kid...) A

September 2:
Best Worst Movie (2009) - good: fantastic portrait and explanation to why and how cult films sometimes work and sometimes dont. bad: feel bad for the actors who couldnt get jobs after troll 2. A

September 4:
Bad Teacher (2011) - good: cameron diaz's smokin body and to the extent of how "bad" she was. bad: a little too long, lets wrap it up man. C
Before Sunrise (1995) - good: dynamic dialogue and chemistry between ethan hawke and julie delpy. bad: that they had to eventually depart. boo hooo... A
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