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'On the Road' Stills

Jack Kerouac's infamous novel 'On the Road' is being adapted by Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries, Dark Water). I was given this book to read by my friend when i was 15 and least to say, it did change my life. This bohemian lifestyle driven story was refreshing  to read amongst the cattiness of my high school. While i do not like adaptation especially a story this inspiring, i think Salles would do justice.

Firstshowing says: It tells the story of Sal Paradise (Sam Riley), who sets off on a cross country journey expressing the restless energy and desire for freedom that makes people rush out to see the world. Garrett Hedlund plays Sal's friend Dean, who inspires him to see America, while Kristen Stewart plays his on-and-off again wife Marylou. Viggo Mortensen also plays Old Bull Lee, a character loosley based on novelist William S. Burroughs, while Amy Adams plays Jane (an incarnation Joan Vollmer), the junkie mother of two kids, and Lee's wife. 

This has a stacked cast. i mean, Viggo Mortensen? i am down! and i hope Kristen Stewart can play more than two characters. she continues to portray submissive girls or lost souls. and it's getting more than old. i am glad to know that Kirsten Dunst is making a comeback to the screen. And in a big way considering shes going to be in five films released this year alone. On the Road doesnt have a distributor just yet but with big names like these, I'm sure it will be released this year.

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