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'The Imposter' Trailer

HOLY SHIT. I first saw "The Imposter" trailer back in February and was haunted by the impossible and mind-blowing story. For some reason, they took the video down but now, there is an official U.S. trailer for Bart Layton's documentary about Frederic Bourdin. Bourdin is an adult French criminal who deceived authorities and convinced them that he was the 16-year-old missing child from Texas. Um, say what?! This is one story you have to see to believe. Through gifted filmmaker Layton's eye-catching dramatization and electrifying structure, the story unravels like an consuming thriller. Thank goodness Indomina acquired 'The Imposter' so we will all be able to believe it when we see it on July 13. I'm still getting chills up and down my spine... 

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