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Michel Gondry's 'The We and The I' Trailer

Theres a new Michel Gondry film coming out and I know fans couldn't be happier. What I expect is the usual witty, whimsical, and mind-bending stories that he has been known for. But after watching 'The We and The I' trailer, it feels more like an optimistic version of Larry Clark's Kids (1995.) It tells a heartfelt story about the final bus ride home for a group of high school students and graduates. It has the coming-of-age charm to it but don't let that fool you. It seems like its packed with punches of freshness that we haven't witnessed before so candidly. The film premieres at Cannes this month, but has no release date yet. But its GONDRY, i expect to see a release date later on this year and i cant wait. It's so raw and emotionally charged. The film industry needs this kind of film. I need this kind of film. And after all the blockbusters, I think we will all need this kind of film. Thank you, Gondry. 

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