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Look East Film Festival

If you didn't know already, I am a huge Asian cinema fan, especially of Park Chan-wook's work. His Vengeance Trilogy along with his other works like JSA (2000), It's Ok, I'm a Cyborg (2006), and Thirst (2009) have had incalculable influence on my womanhood. I am currently interning for Look East Film Festival. At first, i was beamed to hear that he was going to be one of the attendants. But almost fell to my knees to know that he will be having a Q&A for his film Thirst. My adored CSULB professor, Alison Hoffman is a big fan of Lee Chang-dong (Secret Sunshine, Poetry). So what better way to pay her back for giving me priceless insight on woman and film other than letting her moderate both of these director's Q&A? I am a ball of nerve just thinking about being in the same room as Park. Here is more information about the festival and hope you can all make it. If you do come and see me convulsing on the floor, please help me.
Look East Korean Film festival (LEF) is taking place Saturday & Sunday, June 23-24, at Graman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywod Ca marking the first time in Grauman’s 85-year history, Korean actors Lee Byung-Hun and Ahn Sung-Ki wil cast their hand and footprints in cement in front of the legendary theater. Byung-Hun, Sung-Ki and international filmmaker Pierre Rissient will all be honored at the Opening Ceremony.
The following screenings scheduled include 3 Iron (Bin Jip), A Bittersweet Life (Dar Kom Hahn Inseng) with Q&A with star Byung-hun LeeThe Day He Arrives (Book Chon Bahng Yang), Flower in Hell (Jiok Hwa) – U.S. premiere,  A Hometown in Heart (Maum Ae Gohyang) – U.S. premiere, The Host 3D (Gae Mur), Pierre Rissient: Man of Cinema – with Q&A with subject/star Pierre RissientPoetry (Shi) with Q&A with director Chang-dong LeePunch (Wahn D’Ghi), Unbowed (Booruh Jin Hwa Sal) with Q&A with star and Hand and Footprint honoree Sung-ki Ahn, and Thirst (Bahk Ji) with Q&A with director Chan-wook Park.
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