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Breaking Bad

I just finished my Breaking Bad marathon in hopes of continuing on to the fifth season but sadly, didn't make it for the season premiere that aired on the 15th of July. But I'm just glad I completed all four seasons in a rough, rough two weeks. It's been a morally confusing and soul-sucking ride through the toxic climate of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Viewers and critics alike have been madly raving about Breaking Bad and it wasn't until last year that I gave this anxiety inducing drama show a try. Unlike most shows which chronicles the character's lives from day to day through their struggles and hardships and eventually concluding their path to their heart's contentment, Breaking Bad runs the other way. On Walt White's (Bryan Cranston) journey to perserve his family's livelihood after being diagnosed by lung cancer by turning into a meth dealer quickly turns into a dark tale of morality and greed. This fifth season is their last and final season and Vince Gilligan, the creator said it would be their baddest season yet. The sheer notion that show could descend anymore towards the fiery wrath of hell is one frightening thought. But I must strap myself with the most secure of morality floats and jump in to see what the rest of Gilligan's twisted yet genius brain has in stored for me. Gilligan will take us hostage in his last ride through the Albuquerque desert and it won't be until we get there anxiety-filled, blind-folded, and soaking wet with sweat that we discover if we will make it out alive. Hold on tight. 


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Samuel at: January 6, 2013 at 12:31 PM said...

Always nice to see a Breaking Bad post. Man, I love that show! The time Walt says Run! when he kills the two Mexicans..or when Jesse shoots Gale..or the segment in Mexico about Gus' past. Do you have a favorite moment and if so, what is it?

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