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Last Night (2010)

Last Night (2010) // Massy Tadjedin // 93 mins

Last Night (2010) was one of those films where the trailer looked superb but when it was released it seemed like nobody was interested. Maybe partly because the critics were 50/50 on it and that's completely understandable. Last Night is a film about relationships much like Closer (2004) is but while Closer had many and multifaceted dimensions than Last Night , the latter serves compelling performances and conflict that would usually be received as stale but in this case was the contrary. This is Massy Tadjedin's directorial debut and she lifts off her screenwriting platform beautifully. 

Joanna (Keira Knightley) and Michael Reed (Sam Worthington) are a happily married couple of two years. But when Joanna meets Laura (Eva Mendes), a beautiful work colleague of Michael, suspicions arises. While Michael is away on a business trip with Laura, Joanna runs into her ex-boyfriend, Alex (Guillaume Canet). Their honesty and loyalty is tested as the night progresses as they face aggravating temptation. 

Ben Rawson-Jones of Digital Spy said "The actors try their best to transcend the flimsy script and unappealing direction, but ultimately the movie offers a mostly hollow experience that delivers a night that you will struggle to remember." I beg to differ. Although it seems as though Tadjedin is banking on telling a story with relatable moments of heartache, jealousy, and betrayal, it shifts sideways to tell a different side of the story. The perspective of the male and female betrayal can be seen very differently and Tadjedin focuses on these details that make the film so interesting. The notion of physical and emotional betrayal is presented to each of the characters and even though any form of betrayal debunks the relationship, the question of which betrayal is worse comes into play. And it is this mind tango dance that keeps us tapping our curled feet till the very end. 

Last Night is a 50/50 gamble. You'll love it or hate it. And I'm glad the writers at Entertainment Weekly  enjoyed it as much as I did to put it on their "The Best 50 Movies You've Never Seen List." And it is mutually agreed that Keira Knightley's final scene will leave you with piercing heartbreak. B+

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