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Magic Mike (2012)

Magic Mike (2012) // Steven Soderbergh // 110 mins

Magic Mike not exactly the kind of story you think it's going to be. This semi biographical story based on pre-fame Channing Tatum is one wild ride you didn't expect you'd be taking. Directed the genre-hopping chameleon,  Steven Soderbergh, loads his bullets delicately and executes a sharp, witty, direct story about Magic Mike (Channing Tatum), a self proclaimed entrepreneur: part-time roof tiler, part-time stripper. But his real passion lies in custom furniture like quirky tables with bottles as legs, those kind of furniture. Mike meets Adam (Alex Pettyfer) while on the roof tiling job, who irrationally quits after his first day after being accused of stealing by the supervisor. He takes Adam under his wings to introduce him to the realm of male stripping at Xquisite Male Dance Revue where Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) manages the club. 

In the sea of delirously starving woman who were on a strict diet of Channing Tatum, roars and hollers were heard across the theatre and  caused a chain reaction for every other woman to do the same. I quietly sat in my seat expecting to see a Soderbergh film. And when I mean a Soderbergh film, I mean as of a lately (ie: Haywire), a deadpan look at real characters, emotionally unraveling throughout a single shot of time. Hence why, I got a kick out of riding the emotions of the crowd as they finally realized that they were not only going to have a feast of Tatum butt-cheeks, but a real movie. Kekekeke. The word "Chick Flick" will forever be changed with this film being deemed as one. Not anymore are woman succumbed to rom-coms with Katherine Heigl in it but can dominate, explore, and feed their GUILTIEST pleasure with Magic Mike without even opening a box of tissues. With Dallas opening up the film with a monologue of the rules of Xquisite on whether the women can touch the strippers or not, not only riles up famish women,  but tempts and teases them to yearn for more. And while on the subject of Dallas, it was possibly McConaughey's best work since Dazed and Confused. (seriously!)

Like CNN said, it's a good year to be Channing Tatum. Oh yes it is. First and foremost, Channing Tatum is an entertainer. An entertainer in all the sense of the word. He rises above most of the young thespians coming out today by incorporating his skills into his acting. Even from the beginning, he was had star quality scribbled bold on his forehead. Back in 2006, Tatum came out with 'She's the Man', 'Step Up', and 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.' I recognized him in 'Step Up' but shook him off as strictly a dancer. But when I saw 'She's the Man', his ability for genuine hilarity was proven with uncanny realism. I was hooked. And was officially ravaged by the Tatum bug after watching his overconfident and explosive character in 'A Guide of Recognizing Your Saints.' These three films set the groundwork for the range of genres he can cross over with ease that would eventually help him succeed in films like G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra, The Vow, and 21 Jump Street. I mean come on, apparently he was killed in G.I. Joe: Retaliation within the first five minutes and caused an uproar from the test audience which cause Paramount to delay the film for rewrite till 2013. If that isn't star power and talent, I don't know what is.

Although I haven't explain much about the film, it suffices to say that the trailer (as usual) doesn't do justice to the plot of the film (I initially didn't want to see it.) Regardless of any review out from the prestigious critics of  The New York Times or Entertainment Weekly, WOMEN from all ages will go and watch Magic Mike. It is the charismatic spirit of Channing Tatum that attracts even the most cynical and chiseled body hating women to see his films (ie: me). So, even writing this "review" is futile because regardless, way back when you set your eyes on the trailer and  your eyes either glistened or rolled away. So for you ladies or brave men, enjoy and indulge this tear-free, guilty pleasure because honestly, we don't know when we will this much "fun" in a theatre ever again. B+

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