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First Reaction: Dredd 3D (2012)

It seems like Dredd 3D came out of nowhere. Maybe it's because I stream all my tv shows instead of watching them on tv, but I haven't seen a single trailer of Dredd till i youtubed it myself. Although I haven't seen the first forgettable Dredd (Judge Dredd) movie starring Stallone, I was quite excited about this revision of the film starring Karl Urban ( i was like who? ) and none other than Olivia Thirlby (why did they make her blond?!). It's an instant cult classic that is very Robocop (1987) meets The Raid: Redemption (2011). I kind of regret not seeing it in 3D because there were some intense visceral action going on in the film esp during the drug intake sequences (talk about being high). It was boiling with gore and action, the kind of action that I've been CRAVING for these days. Even though, they fought with mostly guns, it was a notch up from this year's Safe (2012) (see my review here). Urban did not have much choice considering most of his acting comprised of his jaw and his batman-like voice which surprisingly works here. Olivia Thrilby was immensely enjoyable as the psychic rookie on her first day out in "training". If it was a few bucks less, I would see it again in 3D! B-

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