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'Pretty in Pink' Stills

I'm amazed that I waited till I was 23 to finally watch Pretty in Pink (1986). I almost died from every single shot, line, character that was sewn so neatly together to teenage dream perfection. It made me realize that Pretty in Pink encased the 80's like the The Perks of Being a Wallflower (out this week) did for the 90's. It gushes and oozed of high school nostalgia from the bullies to the dances to our first loves. No one forgets these moments especially the people you shared them with and I'm sure we all had a Duckie of our own. I need to get this on DVD ASAP and re-watch  it till it burns from exhaustion. It truly makes one appreciate the immense talent and wit that John Hughes possessed that allowed him to represent and give voice to an entire generation. And even though he presented mostly teens from the eighties, these teen issues reverberate throughout generations to come. I've been meaning to read Don't You Forget About Me, a collection of essays of contemporary writers on John Hughes' films. Now, all I have left to do is go through the whole Hughes' work starting from Sixteen Candles to Maid in Manhattan. Here we go....!

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