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Top 10 Films of 2012

going to be updating this post. but js wanted to get my top ten out before 2013!*

1. Amour

See my review of Amour here

2. Zero Dark Thirty

3. The Invisible War

Check out my review of The Invisible War here

4. Wreak it Ralph

I knew immediately after watching the trailer that I had to see this. The concept was so fantastical and fresh. This is Rich Moore's first animated feature film since working on Futurama and The Simpsons and what a way to start off in the film business. I honestly never had so much fun in the theaters, BY MYSELF. A

5. Chronicle

 is one of those indie gems that only comes every few years or so that has the capacity to mesmerize and stun the audience by the sheer force of a simple yet powerful story. When there is a character within the film that needs a reason to shoot everything with a camera, the concept can get old but integrating a story of self-discovery and self-disintegration can be a deadly combination that needs to be recognized. Newcomer Dane DeHaan's sinister look pierces hearts as he takes full and unrelenting advantage of his newfound power. A

6. The Grey

The Grey was advertised as an intense action flick starring the unstoppable Liam Neeson. What the audience got was definitely more than they bargained for. A intelligent and emotional journey of the aftermath of a plane crash in Alaska. The survivors have to fend for themselves as wild wolves are on the hunt. The Grey was the most underrated film of 2012. And the very few people that did see it were blown away. My friend called me immediately to discuss the film's ending and the possible alternative ending. IT WAS THAT INTENSE! A

7. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

8. 21 Jump Street

9. The Master

10. Beast of Southern Wild

Unlike last year top ten list, I'm more proud to say that this year was a smashing year for film!  2012 was a tough year to beat and so, I'm even more excited, yet skeptical to see what 2013 will bring. Other runner ups were Life of Pi, Silver Lining Playbook, Anna Karenina, Skyfall, The Avengers. Sadly, I haven't seen Holy Motors, The Sessions, Cosmopolis, Killer Joe, Arbitrage, Rust and Bone, This is Not a Film, to say the least that have been inundating some 2012 lists.

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