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Mildred Pierce is a five-part HBO mini-series adaptation of James M. Cain's 1941 novel. It is directed by the only Todd Hayes (Far from Heaven, I'm Not There) starring Kate Winslet, Guy Pearce, Evan Rachel Wood. It is the second adaptation of the novel after the 1945 film that stars Joan Crawford.

Mildred Pierce depicts an overprotective, self-sacrificing mother during the Great Depression who after her cheating husband leaves her, proves she can be independent and successful by opening up her own restaurant. 

I am a huge Kate Winslet fan so anything that she's in, i am down for! so, when she won best actress in a mini-series/tv movie, i knew i had to check it out.  Joan Crawford eventually nabbed her first Oscar for her portrayal of Mildred Pierce as well.  As winslet's fan, i am obviously biased and support anything she does. when she won, i didnt think anything of it and it's the same feeling that one gets when they see either someone of winslet's stature like meryl streep win awards time and time again which is, they are just good actors and nothing more.  boy, i was wrong. after mindlessly watching mildred pierce without any previous knowledge, winslet's slowly revealed a completely different character than i've never seen her portray and i was blown away. Her contradictory persona of a woman who is strong-willed but passive is surely a complex character only Winslett could master (biased again.) Aside of Winslet and Pearce, Evan Rachel Wood portrayed Pierce's monstrous daughter, Veda. you know an actor is doing their job when you want to just murder their character. this mini-series is certainly something to watch. i definitely have to check out the 1945's original considering there are minor differences, but a intense story that certainly must be witnessed! A
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Enough said. I officially do not like hollywood and regard the academy as anything but a conservative and unimaginative bunch of white people. i do not support you any longer. the end. 
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I realized after 2011 that i didnt make my  top 2011 film list. out of all the years, ive been obsessed with film, i think 2011 was by far the worst year in film. well according to the golden globes and critic's choice awards, the films i liked werent even considered to be good enough for their top 10. although i still havent seen shame, war horse, the adventures of tin tin, and so on..., im going to   my list is going to be just fine without those films. i just came across quentin tarantino's top eleven films of 2011 and after looking at his list and the golden globe picks, i can say that my top 10 leans more to tarantinos side.

tarantino's top eleven of 2011:
1. midnight in paris
2. rise of the planet of the apes
3. moneyball
4. the skin i live in
5. x-men: first class
6. young adult
7. attack the block
8. red state
9. warrior
10. the artist / our idiot brother
11. the three musketeers

my top ten of 2011: (not in any order)
1. the tree of life
2. harry potter and the deathly hallows - part ii
3. rise of the planet of the apes
4. the help
5. midnight in paris
6. moneyball
7. 50/50
8. the skin i live in
9. martha marcy may marlene
10. beginners

after compiling my list, i honestly cant believe this list is IT. as a whole this list should be a goliath of film lists but it just seems so scattered. these are films that i truly thought were cinematically magnificent and worth raving over. close runner ups were---my week with marilyn, contagion, fast five, and maybe hanna. i know hugo shouldve been on this list and although it was the most beautiful 3d film ive ever seen, possibly even better than avatar, i wasnt so crazy about the story. and gasp! not even the girl with the dragon tattoo, the artist, the descendants made the cut! i must be going insane. blah blah blah. they were all great movies but not ground-breaking.  maybe my list wouldve been exactly like tarantino if i had watched the other movies he picked. i mean the three musketeers? did i miss something?

2011 was a very lazy year for film, except for terrance malick whos on a roll and making another film for 2012! and because of that, i know 2012 will be EPIC. and dont just hear it from me, look at this list for the most anticipated films of 2012. IT. IS. INSANE.

edit: after much thought, i think hugo deserves to be in the top ten list instead of midnight in paris. nuff said. booom!
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wes anderson is back and my god, this cast is better than i have ever imagined any anderson film to be like! get this, moonrise kingdom features bill murray, harvey keitel, bruce willis, edward norton, Frances Mcdormand, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman and newcomers jared gilman and kara hayward. if thats not an all-star cast, i dont know what is! the story follows a young boy and girl (gilman and hayward) who fall madly in love and run away together. sounds freaking awesome so far. i cant wait to see more but until then hopefully this trailer suffices!

it comes out may 25!
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Its weird that HIMYM did a photoshoot like this cause it explains absolutely nothing about the series. ive been on a HIMYM marathon for the last 3-4-5 days ( i lost count), and im still only on season 3! that will explain my lack of film viewing. i havent watched a feature film since probably a week ago. ive been watching this series day and night! im determined to finish this series by maybe monday! and when im done, its onto breaking bad. oh dear. im never getting out of my bed.
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