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Movie Quote of the Week: Primer (2004)

Primer (2004, Shane Carruth)

Aaron: [talking about being inside the device] God, everything is so different in there. You feel how cut off you are, you know? It's this entirely separate world, and you encompass most of it. And the sound... Isn't the sound different, on the inside? It's like it's singing. I guess you can't hear it on the outside. I had this dream in there.
Abe: About what?
Aaron: I was on, or near, the ocean and, uh, I just kept hearing the surf. It was so uneventful, at night, when the tide kept coming in and out.
Abe: Yeah.
Aaron: Yeah

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m.brown at: February 1, 2013 at 4:52 PM said...

A friend of mine at work forced this one on me and it almost made my head explode. Goodness.

Have you ever seen that chart of all the timelines? It's absurdly complicated.

Excellent quote, by the way. My favorite was: Man, are you hungry? I haven't eaten since this afternoon.

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