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'A Dark Truth' DVD Giveaway!

Sony Entertainment asked me to do a giveaway on A Dark Truth starring Andy Garcia,  Forest Whitaker, and Eva Longoria and here it is! Check out my review of A Dark Truth here (or js scroll down). It is a interesting story of social injustice that is worth while. 

How to enter!
1. go to So's Reel Thoughts facebook page and Like it
2. Go to the post and Like the giveaway post or
3. Post a comment here or
4. on the youtube video (whichever floats your boat)

Deadline: March 19!

Either or, i'll accumulate all the people who's done so and pick a winner! The dvd will not come until two weeks later so be aware of that. And if you haven't noticed the awesome poster on top, i seriously dont know you. My friend Michelle Cho who is a fantastic artist made it through line app and if you think you can do what she did, I dare you to try (cause I tried and failed miserably). Follow and check out Michelle's instagram at here or @lovemcho

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