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Movie Quote of the Week: The Imposter (2012)

The Imposter (2012, Bart Layton)

Frederic Bourdin: When I was born, I don't think there was much love. My mother was very, very young at the time. When she was only seventeen years old, met an older man, which was my father, from Algeria. My grandfather was a very racist person, and knowing that the man that my mother spent the night with an Algerian, he wanted, absolutely, my mother to have an abortion, to get rid of me even before I was born. For him, an Arab should be dealt with a nuclear weapon, and a black man is a monkey. Before I was born, I definitely had the wrong identity. I already didn't know--I was already prepared not to know who I really was. A new identity with a real passport, an American passport...I could go to the U.S., go to school there, live with that family, and just being someone and don't have never again to worry about being identified. I saw the opportunity.

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