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Jeff Nichols' Mud (2012)

The director of 'Mud', Jeff Nichols came after the film and did a little Q&A. He truly seems like such an ordinary guy but his films especially Take Shelter is so incredibly emotional and powerful. He has used Michael Shannon in every film of his since Shotgun Stories (2007) and every time, he brings such a unique character to the story. It's so hard to make good coming-of-age stories anymore but with powerful performances and a unique vision, it is always inspiring and worth-watching. Mud was a sheer pleasure that did not disappoint especially with such jaw-droppingly convincing performances by Matthew McConaughey and newcomer Tye Sheridan. McConaughey in his rom-com days are over and I can't wait to see what else he does after a stellar year he had with films like Killer Joe, Magic Mike, Bernie, and The Paperboy. I'm definitely going to be looking out for future Nichols projects cause although he usually tells male perspective stories, it is one of the most unique visions I've seen yet. 

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