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Film Vlog: Pain & Gain (2013)

I seriously suggest you to subscribe to my youtube channel considering sometimes I forget to upload it onto my blog and then the videos already like 3 or 4 days late like it is now! I usually try to state that when I watch a film, I'm watching it as the target audience as it is usually for them and they are the main critics of that genre. So, it's weird when people are weirded out that I adored Pain & Gain. Yes, I'm not pumping with testosterone but I get in that (weird) Michael Bay misogynistic, monster-pumping, action-loving, mindset and enjoy it! Even if I didn't get into that mindset, this film was undeniably entertaining. Bay is all about pure Entertainment. Pain & Gain is his rare gem like Bad Boys (1995) that humanizes Bay as a person who actually has a humor instead of this money-hungry filmmaker who only does out-of-this-world big budget action films. So go out and have fun with this one cause after this, I doubt he's going to do anything this genuinely wacky and fun!

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