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Film Vlog: Film Reviews of LA Film Fest '13

This is my collection of reviews of all the films I watched at this year's LA Film Fest which includes more than twenty films I saw!

The top films were:
-The Act of Killing
-The Crash Reel
-Venus Vs.
-The Spectacular Now (only cause I know everyone will love it)

Short Term 12: B+
Crystal Fairy: B
Ain't Them Bodies Saints: B
I.D.: B
All of Me: A
Drug War: B
All Together Now: C
Europa Report: A
Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction: A
You're Next: B
Fruitvale Station: A-
The Women & the Passenger: A
Dormant Beauty: C+
Goodbye World: B
Only God Forgives: B
Lesson of the Evil: B
Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: A
Nobody's Daughter: B
Delivery: B+
The Conjuring: A
Forty Years From Yesterday: A-
The Way, Way, Back: B+

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