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Kim Ki-duk's 'Moebius' Trailer

OH MY GOD, it's out! Kim Ki-Duk, one of the most provocative South Korean filmmakers of this generation has another film out called Moebius. Apparently, it was so atrociously controversial that they banned it in Korea. After they made some cuts, it is finally being premiere at Toronto and Venice. And now the trailer is out. There is an unnaturally eerie vibe to it already. I am actually petrified of Lee Eun-woo with her smeared black make-up just wandering around the streets and stalking who appears to be her husband. This is some creepy shit. 

Observed by their adolescent son (Seo Young-ju), a couple's fight over the husband's  (Jo Jae-hyeon) infidelity turns to a grotesque calamity. After failing to sever her husband's penis, the infuriated wife (Lee Eun-woo) chooses instead to dismember her son in order to hurt his father. Family violence sparks a chain of events that culminates in a dramatic epilogue of destruction. 

Just by the description, you can see why its so controversial (ahem, "severing penis?!") Kim Ki-duk is one of those rare filmmakers that uses filmmaking in ways I've never seen anyone use before, usually to provoke many late night life-reflecting contemplations.I cannot wait for this film. There is no release date besides the screenings at Toronto and Venice but hopefully it'll come to the U.S.!

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