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The Making of Snowpiercer

When is Snowpiercer coming out already?! I have been asking myself this question since I first heard about the film late last year and have been patiently waiting. But I'm not so sure how much I want to watch it anymore considering The Weinstein Company who acquired the film for U.S. distribution chopped 20 minutes off of the film which even made Chris Evans, one of the actors of the Snowpiercer exclaim that he wasn't pleased with the decision and that it's just one of those situations that's "tricky." There's nothing tricky about it! Weinstein doesn't think the American audience is capable of understanding the film in its original form. Regardless, check out this making of Snowpiercer that will not only amp up your anticipation for the film but will truly show the wholly creative control from every department of the film that'll only make you love the film even more.

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christine at: August 22, 2013 at 12:01 PM said...

hey there~ its christine :) i commented a few times on your youtube :) i have heard that literally- the film (snowpiercer) shown in korea and the one showed in the US will be soo drastically different that itll be like watching a completely different movie. im opting of seeing it in the krn version when the dvd comes out as long as the US premier.

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