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Film Vlog: Salinger (2013)

Salinger the film is directed and produced by the book biographer Shane Salerno, a Hollywood screenwriter who wrote Armageddon, Shaft, and Savages to name just a few. Considering I am probably the very few who have never read Catcher in the Rye, it's astonishing to see a glimpse into the life of an iconic man in American Literary history even if it is scarcely limited. The film seems like a direct visual translation from the biography, but provides oral history participants and never-before-seen film clips which are also accompanied by the grossly animated recreations due to the lack of footage of Salinger. Any fan of his would enjoy this introduction piece to Salinger but as a film, it lacks imagination and direction due to its approach to its straight on timeline film structure and deficiency of materials. B- 

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