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Introduction to So's Reel Thoughts

When you have a Youtube channel, they insist you to have a little trailer for your channel. So after being constantly reminded by the huge empty space in which they "subtlety" suggest you put that content, I finally decided to make a little video (still 5 minutes! Sorry, I blab!) introducing myself as well as the channel. Considering I have a plethora of social media, I decided to do a breakdown of each media platform that will cater to different people. 

Film Blog: Film Reviews, Trailers, Quotes, Stills
Facebook: Latest Film News!, Discussions, Posts from my blog
Tumblr: Film inspiration board
Instagram: Quick and concise film reviews
Twitter: What I'm currently watching, personal and crazy rants!

So feel free to follow me on whichever is most convenient to you. Like I said, I just want to inform, discuss, and share my film thoughts with you guys! Thank you so much for watching/subscribing/sharing. You have no idea how much it all means to me! xoxo

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