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Movie Quote of the Week: Scream (1996)

Scream (1996, Wes Craven)

Sidney Prescott: Why? Why did you kill my mother?
Billy: Why? WHY! You hear that Stu? I think she wants a motive
[Stu Chortles]
Billy: Well I don't really believe in motives Sid, I mean did Norman Bates have a motive?
Stu: No.
Billy: Did we ever find out why Hannibal Lecter like to eat people? DON'T THINK SO! See it's a lot more scarier when there's no motive, Sid. We did your Mom a savor, Sid. That woman was a slut-bag whore who flashed her shit all over town like she was Sharon Stone or somethin'.
Stu: Yeah, we put her out of her misery, 'cause let's face it Sidney, your mother was no Sharon Stone, hmm?
Billy: Is that motive good enough for you? How about this? Your slut mother was fucking my father and she's the reason my mom moved out and abandoned me.
[Sid looks astonished]
Billy: How's that for a motive? Maternal abandonment causes serious deviant behavior. It certainly fucked you up. It made you have sex with a psychopath. 

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