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My review of the films that were shown at LA Film Fest are all coming together very slowly. Slowly but surely, they are all getting done! I have a couple of more and then I am done! That is depending when all the film are getting released! But here are some of the rest!

Fruitvale Station (2013, Ryan Coogler)

The Conjuring (2013, James Wan)

Only God Forgives (2013, Nichols Winding Refn)

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(2013, Shane Carruth)

Grade: A
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If you loved The Cove, you're definitely going to love Blackfish. The content is just as harrowing if not more because you literally witness someone almost dying in front of you. If a video of someone being drowned by a killer whale is not petrifying enough, I don't know what is! 
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Jubilee (1978, Derek Jarman)

Crabs: And the world's your oyster, so swallow it.
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(2013, Neil Jordan)

Grade: C+
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Hollywood and Silicon Valley Collide: Immersion, Interactivity and Narrative Expansion panel consisted of (left to right) Florian Henckel Von Donnersmark, director of The Lives of Others, Author Cornelia Funke, Geoffrey Long, Program Manager and Narrative Design at Microsoft, Scott Snibbe, CEO of Snibbe Interactive which was moderated by Andy Merkin, Head of Transmedia and Special Projects, at Mirada Studios. The panel discussed how art could be integrated with transmedia to expand their stories and eventually make them iconic to further serve future generations. With the help of Mirada Studios, Cornelia was able to create Mirrorworld, an app that tells living stories that expand on the fantasy world of her best selling novels.  She usually writes her stories on paper so she can quickly jot down her thoughts as well as pair illustrations to her stories. And with the help of Mirrorworld, she was able to translate her emotions directly onto a platform and reflect the world she created in her mind.
Living in the digital age has opened doors to endless possibilities through transmedia and marketing. With apps and interactive media, it helps artists like filmmakers and writers alike to take their stories to the limits of their imagination and into future generations. Marketing seems like a superficial extension of art but it has created a chance to provide a vast experience and enhance their work instead of destroying it. The best example of good marketing is the Star Wars franchise. They took the image of Darth Vader and produced apps, toy figurines, video games, and so now even when we hear his voice, see his silhouette, or even a hand motion that suggests the way he choked Luke Skywalker, fans immediately can identify who he is. Even bad marketing allows the stories and characters to live beyond from what they initiated started from whether it is from the movies or books. It’s not about retelling the same story but creating worlds big enough where the audience can get lost and create their own realm. Negative space allows more people to explore the boundless universe and share the experience.
Future generations are growing up with phones, internet, television, and films that allows the integration of these projects to be much easier. We are in the best time for filmmaking where anything you imagine is possible. Witnessing artists now thinking about the future in terms of trying to make their projects more interactive as well as iconic even before they create their work is truly progressive. The way art is heading whether it is in films or books, the prospect to integrate it with other mediums and expand the stories for generations to come is the most hopeful and beautiful collision of Hollywood and Silicon Valley.
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(2012, Sean Baker)

Grade: A-
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Paris is Burning (1990, Jennie Livingston)

When someone has rejection from their mother and father, their family, they - when they get out in the world - they search. They search for someone to fill that void.
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Thanks Crome Yellow for updating on this first. The first poster of Spike Lee's remake of Park Chan-wook's infamous film, Old Boy is out! At first glance, it looks really campy but I guess, the poster does a good job in exuding some kind of mystery behind the well-known story. I don't know I'm in complete denial. I guess we'll all have to wait till it comes out on October 25 to find out!
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This is my collection of reviews of all the films I watched at this year's LA Film Fest which includes more than twenty films I saw!

The top films were:
-The Act of Killing
-The Crash Reel
-Venus Vs.
-The Spectacular Now (only cause I know everyone will love it)

Short Term 12: B+
Crystal Fairy: B
Ain't Them Bodies Saints: B
I.D.: B
All of Me: A
Drug War: B
All Together Now: C
Europa Report: A
Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction: A
You're Next: B
Fruitvale Station: A-
The Women & the Passenger: A
Dormant Beauty: C+
Goodbye World: B
Only God Forgives: B
Lesson of the Evil: B
Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton: A
Nobody's Daughter: B
Delivery: B+
The Conjuring: A
Forty Years From Yesterday: A-
The Way, Way, Back: B+
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Gummo (1997, Harmony Korine)

Solomon: [voiceover] Xenia, Ohio. Xenia, Ohio. A few years ago, a tornado hit this place. It killed the people, left and right. Dogs died. Cats died. Houses were split open, and you could see necklaces hanging from branches of trees. People's legs and neck bones were sticking out. Oliver found a leg on his roof. A lot of people's fathers died, and were killed by the great tornado. I saw a girl fly through the sky, and I looked up her skirt. Her skull was smashed. And some kids died. My neighbor was killed in that house. He used to ride bikes and three-wheelers. They never found his head. I always thought that was funny. People died in Xenia. Before dad died, he had a bad case of diabetes.
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It's been more than a week since The LA Film Fest but I haven't caught up on all my film reviews that I have to do from the fest. Slowly but surely, they will all come out! So, without further ado, here are the first batch of vlogs of the films!

Crystal Fairy (2013, Sebastian Silva)

Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction (2013, Sophie Huber)

Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton (2013, Jeff Broadway)

The Way, Way Back (2013, Nat Faxon & Jim Rash)

Ain't Them Bodies Saints (2013, David Lowery)

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