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AFI FEST '13: Big Bad Wolves (2013)

The masterminds behind Rabies (2010), Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado return once again with thundering vengeance with Big Bad Wolves! Not only does the story, characters, and soundtrack dispel a potent trail of “badassness” but even the title helps elevate and cement Big Bad Wolves’ reputation to an unparalleled class of prestigious filmmaking. They take the overdone vengeance theme and presents a full 360 degrees on the issue from the perspective of the pedophile, victim’s father, and policeman. Representing the three corners of this love triangle, they tango back and forth, leaving us to question whose side we really are. Our expectations and perception of the human behavior is tampered with and by the end, we become whimpering sheeps unable to face the fangs of these monstrous creatures. A must watch!

For those of you who don't know already, I do mini reviews on my instagram: @SosReelThoughts. And while I love to do more written reviews, I am consumed by my video reviews as you can see but definitely check me out on my instagram for more concise and short reviews! And Big Bad Wolves is finally now on VOD and everywhere else so definitely watch it! One of the top films of AFI FEST '13!!!

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