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Film Review: Only Lovers Left Alive

It's HERE! It's finally HERE! After countless months of updating every nook and cranny of this film from teasers to still to trailers, and posters (see all here) I am so ecstatic to announce that I have seen the greatness that is Jim Jarmusch's long awaited film, Only Lovers Left Alive. Only Lovers Left Alive is seriously one of the most romantic films I have ever seen. Jim Jarmusch is one of the very few filmmakers that know how to make my heart swoon with his endless night roaming, nostalgia for the past, and the presentation of the eternal love between two people. I absolutely adored every aspect of this film especially it's soft yet dark cinematography, the passionate love between Adam and Eve, and simply their rants about the lost world. Only Lovers Left Alive comes out April 11. Wait for it!

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