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'WonderCon 2014' Recap

I went to WonderCon held in Anaheim, California for the very first time and wow, I was not prepared for the amount of intense and passionate fans that I encountered. This was my first time at WonderCon and so I had some expectations of a plethora of people dressing up in their favorite anime, superhero, characters in television and film but just the sheer energy and passion culminating in the room was overwhelming!! There is honestly no formal manual to prepare you for the immense intensity of enthusiasm of geeks across the board in one room!  It's exhilarating, intoxicating, and downright AMAZING! It's always good to come together in an environment for people with specific interests. See photos I took here!

What was more enthralling was the movie panels of all the great blockbusters that are coming out this summer like Gareth Evans' Godzilla, Matt Reeves' Dawn of the Apes, Luc Bessons' Lucy, Maze Runner, and Fox's Bob's Burger! We got to see the trailer and extra footage to each of the films which definitely created more anticipation and hype for these films! I obviously couldn't have recorded any of the footage they showed but let me just state that these films are going to be MIND-BLOWING! They made sure to really not let down fans of the original material, be it be a comic book, novel, or original film. And it's nice to know that they appreciate their fans because after all, it is they who actually has the power to sway their careers! I actually took some footage of the panels and the people I saw there but didn't think  I had enough so did not edit it. But honestly, I just might just so I can give you guys a sneak peek at the awesome-ness of it all! If you have never been, definitely go! It is quite an experience that gave me a taste of how Comic-Con will be! If only I could get tickets. :(

P.S. Had my first taste of Orphan Black and now, I can't get enough!!! I'm officially ADDICTED!

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