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Zach Braff's 'Wish I Was Here' Poster & Trailer

Look what we have here! It's been already ten year since Zach Braff made his directorial debut with Garden State which is personally one of my all-time favorite films. EVER. Now, here we are a decade later and with the help of the internet ($$$), he was able to make his sophomore film, Wish I was Here

Side note: How insane that through Kickstarter, he was able to raise more than 2 MILLION dollars in just three days! Absolutely NUTS!

Wish I Was Here is a story of Aidan Bloom, a struggling actor, father, husband, who at 35 is still trying to find his identity and purpose to his life. It sounds just like the premise of Garden State but if we had seen Andrew Largeman move to the City of Angels and had a family. And voila, now we get to! And ding! ding! ding! is that The Shins I hear? For a second, I truly did think I was watching just a trailer of Garden State but with the vivacious energy of another independent film. All though, it is very reminiscent of his first film, it seems to have a lot more elements of adventure, heart, imagination and naturally, maturity.

I'm also so glad to see Kate Hudson back on the big screen as a mom and not as another single thirty-something year old looking for love! The film premiered at Sundance and I haven't heard much buzz but apparently it did sell big time to Focus Features for 2.75 million dollars (WUUUT?!). Hopefully, the film will be good and this is actually the last film James Avery (Uncle Phil of Fresh Prince) was in before he passed away. And despite all the rants from critics and audiences aside, I am most likely going to see this when it comes out on July 25.

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