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Film Vlog: LA Film Fest '14

LA Film Fest 2014 is finally done and over with! It was nine days of just non-stop parties, screenings, and events! I didn't watch as many films as I intended to and even missed a few screenings on my list but nonetheless, I had an incredible time just soaking in the invigorating energy that emitted from film-lovers and the movies alike. In total, I saw 13 films, which is only half of what I usually see at fests but it's all good because I got to see some of the best documentaries and narratives I would not have been able to see anywhere else! Naturally if I wasn't drowning myself with at least two films a day, I was tangoing the night away, stuffing my face at all the events, or taking thousands of photographs! (I will do anything for free food, ya hear me?!) I hope more people can join me at LA Film Fest next year but till then, watch my video of all the shenanigans that went down!

Top films:
Violette (Dir. Martin Provost) A
Frank (Dir. Lenny Abrahamson) A
Club Sandwich (Dir. Fernando Eimbcke) A
Out in the Night (Dir. Blair Dorosh-Walther) A
The Overnighters (Dir. Jesse Moss) A
Han Gong-Ju (Dir. Lee Su-jin) A
Starred Up (Dir. David Mackenzie) A

Other films:
Snowpiercer (Dir. Bong Joon-ho) B+
Jimi: All Is by My Side ( Dir. John Ridley) B-
Uncertain Terms (Nathan Silver) B-
Two Faces of January (Dir. Hossein Amini) B+
The Well (Dir. Tom Hammock) C+
Jossy's (Dir. Yuichi Fukuda) C-

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