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Film Review: Obvious Child

Jenny Slate is baaaaaaack! I had not known who Jenny Slate really was before being introduced to her painstakingly hilarious character Mona-Lisa Saperstein on Parks and Rec. Had I known she was the voice is the DARNEST CUTEST animated short, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On and been on SNL, I would've, would've, would have.... done nothing. My motto is better late than never. AMIRIGHT?! After her contract was not renewed due to the possible eff up when she dropped the F-bomb on the first episode of SNL, she decided to take on feature films full throttle! And thank god she did because now, we get to witness Gillian Robespierre's Obvious Child a game-changing rom-com flick that changes the discussion of abortion on screen. It is genuinely laugh out loud hilarious as Slate plays an aspiring stand up comedian, Donna Stern who recently gets dumped by her boyfriend, loses her job, and then accidentally gets pregnant by her one night stand! All of this sounds beyond shitty but the movie makes light of the situation in endearing and humorous ways.

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